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April 6, 1986
I was delighted to read of the fellowship awarded Sam Hall Kaplan. As a self-assessed architectural critic (through knowledge gained by osmosis, having been married for 54 years to my late architect-husband), I want you to know how much I've enjoyed his columns--as did my husband, whose vision in his latter years, was impaired. Sunday's ritual liturgy in our home started with "Well let's hear what Sam has to say today." Please excuse the familiarity, which really was a tribute to Kaplan from a sensitive and knowledgeable man. JEANETTE REISBORD Los Angeles
December 26, 2013
Re "A repugnant boycott," Opinion, Dec. 23 In criticizing the American Studies Assn.'s academic boycott of Israel, Michael S. Roth asks: Why start with Israel? We have to start somewhere, so why not with the largest recipient of U.S. aid? Roth's question fails to address the extent to which U.S. aid supports Israel's violation of Palestinian rights and international law. It also fails to address the discriminatory treatment of Palestinians in Israeli educational systems, and the extent of collaboration between Israeli academic institutions and the state in the occupation.
August 21, 1988
John-Roger and the organizations under his direction have done a tremendous amount of good for people in this community and all over the world. VICTORIA MARINE Los Angeles
October 28, 2012
Re "Support falls for Brown's tax hike proposal," USC Dornsife/Times Poll, Oct. 25 I am always puzzled when people choose to live by theory rather than reality. But that seems to be happening with the opposition to Proposition 30, which would raise sales taxes and taxes on high-income earners. The reality that massive budget shortfalls will be followed by major tuition hikes at colleges and almost a month cut off the public school year doesn't seem to matter to those who oppose the initiative.
July 6, 1986
Many of us have been to Nicaragua and know the truth. We are working now to preserve what we've seen. My living room is filled with clothing and tools for a cooperative in Nicaragua. We won't give up in the face of this vote. CAROLE SCHOLL San Diego
August 30, 1987
I may not agree with Shirley MacLaine's theories on the linear vs. the multidimensional, but I must concur on the presence of "human patterns." Some of us are born to be deliberate and efficient. Others are decidedly creative and imaginative. Leonardo da Vinci had both attributes. If we are to have a New Age, that genius, above all, should be its archetypal figure: the Rennaisance man. JOSEPH P. KRENGEL Santa Monica
October 11, 2012
Re "She's on the front lines in drone battle," Oct. 9 Professor Mary Ellen O'Connell and political activist Imran Khan contend that the U.S. strategy of covert targeted drone strikes against militants outside Afghanistan is illegal under international law. The U.S. finds itself at war against a stateless band of Islamic militants who kill innocent civilians with explosives and launch attacks against Western embassies and civilian targets outside...
July 27, 2012
Re "Worries grow as health jobs go offshore," July 25 The outsourcing of nursing-related healthcare jobs is appalling. Though still in its early stages, it's easy to imagine corporate decision-makers chomping at the bit to transform the human body into a commodity subject to the same market forces as a common household object - a blender, for instance. My guess is that someday the idea of healthcare will no longer exist; instead, it will simply be considered an extended warranty.
July 5, 2009
Re "Palin's exit as governor stuns, puzzles," July 4 If Sarah Palin desires to run for president in 2012, it seems strange that she would think that the best way she can serve her current Alaskan constituency is by not serving them at all. Jonathan Horowitz Irvine -- It surprised me to read in your article that her remarks were "disjointed and cryptic," because I heard her speech, and they were sincere, profound and eloquent....
September 15, 2007
MARK SWED'S lovely words ["High Notes That Set All-New Standards," Sept. 7] captured the very essence of Luciano Pavarotti's unique gift: "When that sound so fresh and alive and gorgeous, like nothing I have ever heard before or since, generously poured forth. . . ." This was a man in love with his music whose sheer joy of singing gave voice to his passion for life. I don't care about the foolishness, the commercial follies.
May 28, 2006 | Robert Greene, ROBERT GREENE is an editorial writer for The Times.
DON'T BE surprised if a confused friend or neighbor asks you how you plan to vote on the June 6 ballot measure to ban welfare for illegal aliens. It's there, she'll tell you. She saw it in the ballot pamphlet. You'll say that's impossible. There are only two measures on the ballot: Proposition 81 is a library bond; Proposition 82 is a tax for preschool education, and that's it. So where's the illegal-alien welfare ban?
January 4, 2005 | Mike DiGiovanna, Times Staff Writer
When Darin Erstad was first called up to the big leagues in 1996, he played for the California Angels. From 1997 through 2004, Erstad played for the Anaheim Angels. And this spring, barring a trade of the first baseman or a legal ruling against Angel owner Arte Moreno, Erstad will suit up for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Confusing?
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