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November 28, 1992
I see the Dodgers are pursuing outfielder Cory Snyder to solve the problem at third base. How about Barry Bonds to solve the problem at shortstop, too? BILL REESE Westwood
February 1, 2005
Thank you for printing Jim Arnold's Voices treatise (Jan. 29) on "You're Welcome" versus "No Problem." I know it was not a problem, so I hope "I'm welcome." Roy W. Rising Valley Village
September 22, 1998
I commend you for publishing "In the No-Daddy Culture, Pity the Kids" by Donna Britt (Commentary, Sept. 8). This column draws attention to a major problem in our society. By pointing out the very strong correlation between the presence or absence of a father and the incarceration rate of young males, Britt takes a very positive step toward attacking the problem. In contrast, the publishing of statistics breaking down incarceration rates by race is a very destructive practice, which does not help in solving the problem.
April 20, 1986
Prof. Robert A. Lee prides himself on his ability to challenge any idea or value ever held by mortal man. Here is a partial compendium of the ideas that have outraged or amused those who have followed his 16-year career at El Camino College: - On drugs--"I don't tell my students to use physically addictive drugs like heroin, but if you use a drug that makes you feel good all the time, what's wrong with feeling good?
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