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May 9, 1998
In the May 4 Morning Briefing, a reference was made that Jay Buhner insisted on being awake for his knee arthroscopy and (that) the procedure be videotaped. As a point of reference, all arthroscopies are done with a video monitor to guide the surgeon, and taping the procedure is standard. As far as being awake, this is the preferred method. KEITH FEDER, M.D., Los Angeles
March 4, 2008 | From the Associated Press
State officials say they are banning relatives from visiting a state hospital that treats sex offenders while police investigate reports of smuggling. A spokeswoman for Coalinga State Hospital says visitation was canceled from Friday through Monday so hospital police could look into claims that visitors were smuggling drugs, electronics and weapons into the facility. The state Department of Mental Health houses sexually violent predators in Coalinga after they finish their prison sentences under a procedure called civil detainment, in which criminals can be held indefinitely after completing their sentences if they are still considered a threat.
October 5, 2010
I was observing an operation once when, near the end of the long and tense procedure, a manual count of the surgical sponges showed one was missing. The following few minutes were not fun to watch as the exasperated surgical team went searching for the wayward sponge. Leaving a sponge in a patient, which is easy to do because it soaks up blood and can be hard to see, is not uncommon although the estimates of this mishap range from 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 18,000 operations. Patients who go home with a sponge can suffer later infection and pain.
May 31, 1989 | From Times wire services
Patrick Ewing, who led the New York Knicks to their first Atlantic Division title in almost two decades, underwent an arthroscopic procedure on his right knee today. Dr. Norman Scott, who operated on the knee five years ago, said no new damage was found and the 7-foot center will be ready for next season. He said the procedure was similar to the one performed on point guard Mark Jackson that sidelined him for just three weeks during the season. Scott said that in addition to examining the knee, he removed some loose articular cartilage.
November 12, 1995
A strong exception is taken to the article in the Oct. 14 Orange County edition ("New to the Joint: Cartilage Growth Method Offers Knee Patients Relief") regarding joint cartilage transplantation. This article touted the positive aspects of this procedure, in which defects in cartilage of the knee have been filled with laboratory-grown cartilage cells but failed to point out the experimental nature and possible negative aspects of the treatment. The hype for this procedure stems from a Swedish study in which 16 cases were performed.
May 17, 1989
A Your Wheels column on May 4 recommended a method for combating mold in automobile air conditioners. The process, suggested by an allergist who had safely used it in the past, involved mixing vinegar and household bleach and placing the solution in a pan in a car. Several academic and industry experts have since raised objections to the procedure, saying it could cause irritation in some individuals. In the worst case, the experts said, the vinegar-bleach mixture could produce harmful or irritating fumes.
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