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Product Development

November 6, 2007 | Jessica Guynn, Times Staff Writer
Google Inc. rules your computer. Now it wants to rule your mobile phone. After months of speculation, Google on Monday unveiled its vision to transform the wireless industry by making mobile phones as good for Web surfing as personal computers. Google and a consortium of 33 companies, including mobile- handset makers, phone carriers and other technology leaders, plan to offer free software to power mobile phones that will hit the market in the next six to 12 months.
October 26, 2007 | Martin Zimmerman, Times Staff Writer
A Prius minivan? It could happen, according to a top executive of Toyota Motor Corp., which makes the four-door hatchback, the world's bestselling gasoline-electric hybrid. There are no specific plans to develop other body styles for the Prius, Tokuichi Uranishi, Toyota's head of global marketing, said in an interview Thursday. But it's "something that is desirable from a marketing point of view," he said. "I think we should have a minivan hybrid in the U.S."
October 23, 2007 | From Reuters
SanDisk Corp. introduced Monday a service for downloading free and advertising-supported video from the Internet, which could compete with Apple Inc.'s iTunes. Milpitas, Calif.-based SanDisk said its new system, called Fanfare, served as a companion to the Sansa TakeTV PC-to-TV Video Player, a pocket-sized device it also introduced Monday. The media player lets users save videos downloaded onto a personal computer and move them to a traditional television.
October 16, 2007 | Elizabeth Douglass, Times Staff Writer
Southern California Edison is plugging 1,400 San Bernardino-area residents and businesses into what the company calls the electrical circuit of the future. The new digital circuit was designed primarily to help avoid and contain outages. That's a task beyond the capabilities of the more rudimentary circuits that have been used on electrical grids for decades and act much like household circuits.
October 16, 2007 | From Bloomberg News
Microsoft Corp., lagging behind Google Inc. in Internet search, introduced a new version of its search engine for Windows-based mobile phones that enables customers to find listings using their voice. Live Search Mobile, which users have to download to their handsets, displays listings and driving directions on maps, Microsoft said Monday. The company will also offer free 411 directory assistance from any phone.
October 12, 2007 | Sam Farmer
Lots of people remember the career of former Buffalo Bills safety Mark Kelso because of the cartoonishly large helmet he wore. Thanks to that helmet, Kelso also can remember his career. Kelso, 44, is an administrator and assistant football coach at a Catholic high school in western New York. As a dad with two teenage sons who play, and as a pro football fan with a better understanding than most, he shudders when he sees a player knocked out the way Miami quarterback Trent Green was last Sunday.
October 2, 2007 | From Times Wire Services
Adobe Systems Inc. plans to acquire Virtual Ubiquity Inc., maker of the Buzzword word processor, to compete with Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc. San Jose-based Adobe is looking to a team of former Lotus application developers to enable users of its Adobe Acrobat software to work together on publishing shared documents. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. The software lets users collaborate on shared documents and allows them to save data or format changes online.
October 2, 2007 | Jessica Guynn, Times Staff Writer
san francisco -- Yahoo Inc. has spent almost four years trying to catch up to Google Inc. in Web-search technology. Today it's trying to jump ahead. Yahoo plans to unveil a revamped search engine that it says delivers faster, more relevant and engaging results than market leader Google, which handles more than half of the Web's search requests. Sunnyvale, Calif.
September 5, 2007 | From Reuters
Microsoft Corp. said Tuesday that it was "not unreasonable" for the company to introduce a mobile phone combined with features of its Zune digital music player to compete with Apple Inc.'s iPhone. The Zune phone, a topic of speculation for months since Microsoft introduced its first digital music player last year, could be driven by consumer demand for one multimedia device that makes phone calls, plays music and takes pictures.
August 31, 2007 | Joseph Menn, Times Staff Writer
Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs is expected to announce a souped-up iPod and a deal to let iPhone users buy ring tones through the iTunes store at an event next week, music industry sources said. Following its custom, Apple recently sent invitations to analysts and reporters for a Sept. 5 event but didn't say what it was about.
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