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September 2, 1999
You could put together an all-star team of talent with Southern California ties. In fact, we did: *--* Pos. Player (Team) Connections QB Troy Aikman (Dallas) UCLA QB Warren Moon (Kansas City) West Los Angeles JC, Hamilton HS RB Karim Abdul-Jabbar (Miami) UCLA, Dorsey HS RB Jamal Anderson (Atlanta) Moorpark JC, El Camino Real HS WR Keyshawn Johnson (N.Y. Jets) USC, West L.
August 6, 1999 | DIANE PUCIN
On the same night that Mark McGwire said he no longer uses the controversial dietary supplement Androstenedione, Kevin Kerr and Hugo Belanger sat outside the locker room of the Anaheim Bullfrogs of the Roller Hockey International league to make passionate defenses of their sport and to furiously denounce the actions of one of their countrymen. It hasn't caused a big stir here, but last weekend the Canadian roller hockey team won the Pan American Games gold medal, beating the U.S. in the final.
July 26, 1999 | RANDY HARVEY
Ten athletes who had careers interrupted by injuries or illness and returned to achieve at the highest levels of their sports: BEN HOGAN When his car was hit head on by a bus on Feb. 2, 1949, the golfer known as "Bantam Ben" suffered broken ribs and a broken ankle. Yet, only 16 months later, he won the U.S. Open at Merion in Ardmore, Pa. TONY CONIGLIARO An errant fastball thrown by Angel pitcher Jack Hamilton on Aug.
The John Hancock Champions on Ice summer tour, which performs in Southern California today, Friday and Saturday, is skating its 21st edition with a new director and a crystallized sense of identity.
May 11, 1999 | ART MARROQUIN
Boxers Evander Holyfield and Sugar Ray Leonard were among a host of athletes and entertainers participating in Parkman Middle School's first "Salute to the Children Celebrity Carnival" on Monday, sponsored by DARE America, the anti-drug education program. Nearly 80% of Parkman students take part in DARE Plus, an after-school activities program that is available at only 25 schools across the U.S., according to Glenn Levant, president and founding director of DARE America.
May 3, 1999 | RICHARD E. LAPCHICK, Richard E. Lapchick is the director of Northeastern University's Center for the Study of Sport in Society
Everyone is trying to make sense out of the nightmare in Littleton, Colo., as the grief has touched the community, the state and the entire nation. As we grieve, fingers are pointing every which way: parents, hate, groups, guns, teachers, fellow students, TV, movies, music and the Internet. It was reported that the shooters targeted minorities and athletes. I am 53 years old and have been around sports since the day I was born.
May 3, 1999 | BILL PLASCHKE
The horizon is full now, a sleek number 23 and a quick number 99 joined by a stocky No. 7. Jordan, Gretzky and Elway. Into the shadows they step, together, too soon, a loss too high to calculate, a sight almost too much to bear. A sports era of character and virtue appropriately ended in weeping and gratitude Sunday when football's John Elway officially retired less than four months after the retirements of basketball's Michael Jordan and hockey's Wayne Gretzky.
April 20, 1999 | HELENE ELLIOTT
TEAM RECORD: COMMENT 1. Dallas (51-19-12): But are Stars ready for real season? 2. Colorado (44-28-10): Fast finish of 9-2-1. 3. New Jersey (47-24-11): Loosened reins do the trick. 4. Detroit (43-32-7): A-one, and a-two, and a-three . . . 5. Ottawa (44-23-15): Late 1-2-4 slide costly. 6. Toronto (45-30-7): Surprise top-scoring team. 7. Boston (39-30-13): Solid defense, goaltending. 8. St. Louis (37-32-13): 11-4-3 in final five weeks. 9. Philadelphia (37-26-19): Held together with spit and tape.
February 28, 1999 | MIKE DOWNEY
Every once in a while, a personality in the public eye gets under the public skin. Something about his (or her) attitude, appearance, ethical boundaries or ethnic background is so provocative, it makes others intolerant, no matter what this individual's skill might be. It can be a Jerry Lee Lewis wedding and bedding a cousin or the conscientious objection and proselytization of a Muhammad Ali; you never know.
Top three things that make sports journalists squirm: 3) Chit-chat on deadline in a press box. 2) An urgent message to "call the office." 1) An athlete talking about religion. Nothing triggers writers' cramp faster than the juxtaposition of deadline, locker stall, born-again shortstop and a reading from Ecclesiastes.
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