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Professional Athletics

July 21, 2007 | Bill Dwyre
Time to take a deep breath, folks. Yes, the world of pro sports had a scandalous week. Yes, we have a famous NFL quarterback accused of having dogs fight for his amusement and killed for his disdain. Yes, we have an NBA referee accused of wagering on games he worked and making calls favorable to the line he bet. And yes, if true, any and all of that is disgusting and stupid.
July 5, 1998 | JIM MURRAY
(Headline: "Michael Jordan Turns Down City of Hope Victor Awards Although Charity Agrees to Send Film Crew to Tape Wherever He Is.") * Every year or so, I have this dream. It's recurring. . . . It is this: Newspapers and magazines and periodicals suddenly turn away from sports. They stop giving pages and pages of free advertising to the games people play (for money). It has its effect.
September 2, 1998 | T.J. SIMERS
Name the quarterback who has any chance to top Johnny Unitas' mark of 47 consecutive games with at least one touchdown pass, from 1956 into 1960. Dan Marino? He got to 30 in the prime of his career--1985-1987--before being stopped. John Elway? He went as far as 18 games.
February 14, 2000 | J.A. ADANDE
We now return you to regular coverage of the PGA Tour. Actually, the best thing to come out of Phil Mickelson's victory in the Buick Invitational on Sunday was the confirmation that there still is a PGA Tour, and not just a bunch of guys playing bit parts since Tiger Woods turned the golf world into his personal miniseries the last few weeks. Look, Woods could win every single week and it wouldn't get old. Greatness never does.
March 10, 2004 | Steve Henson, Times Staff Writer
Like most college players, Trevor Ariza wants to play in the NBA. Unlike most players, he has an excellent chance of doing so. Just not yet. Ariza, a freshman forward averaging 11.5 points and 6.4 rebounds, is expected to evaluate his NBA stock after the season. But scouts say he needs to gain weight, strength and experience to become a first-round pick. He has come to the realization that he needs at least one more year of UCLA Coach Ben Howland's rigorous program.
The telephone rings at Mike Tollin's office. Big-time athletes and agents are calling, hoping to land a cameo role on "Arli$$," the HBO series about an "ethically challenged" sports agent. "It's great," Tollin says. "I get this call the other day, the voice says, 'I'm calling on behalf of Julius Erving. You know, Dr. J?' I said, 'Yeah, I know who Julius Erving is.' " Tollin and his partner, Brian Robbins, are on a roll these days.
September 11, 1996 | RANDY HARVEY
Figure skater Rudy Galindo, who overcame the defection of his pairs partner, the deaths of two coaches and years of underachievement to win the U.S. men's championship last winter, will announce today that he is turning professional. Galindo, 27, will not be eligible to defend the title that he won before a hometown crowd in San Jose in an upset over former champions Todd Eldredge and Scott Davis.
December 1, 1995 | MIKE PENNER
Do not be fooled by the computer-animated trickery and the nonstop promotional assault--"Toy Story" is actually the code name for Disney's systematic assimilation of a wall-to-wall professional sports empire headquartered in Orange County. One year, it's a bunch of hockey players. The next, a baseball team. Every year a new toy. And which shall it be in 1996? Football or basketball? The Cardinals, if this week's rumor is to be given any credence, or the Clippers?
Nearly two months after failing to muster enough support the first time the issue was discussed, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce on Thursday voted to support the return of professional football to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The resolution failed in June, when many executives abstained, leaving it without the two-thirds majority required for passage. The second time around, the chamber's rules require only a simply majority.
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