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March 4, 2014 | By Ben Welsh and Robert J. Lopez
The creator of computerized scripts that Los Angeles firefighters use to assess medical emergencies during 911 calls is threatening to cut off the service. The warning came Tuesday in response to a decision by city leaders to direct the Los Angeles Fire Department to begin developing its own series of questions to judge how best to respond to victims. Last month the LAFD announced that it would create a structured program of questions for call takers that are tailored to the department's specific needs.
March 3, 2014 | By Lisa Mascaro
WASHINGTON - Rep. Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), the former Republican vice presidential nominee, launched an attack Monday on the nation's poverty programs, provoking an election-year confrontation with the White House amid a growing focus on income inequality. Drawing on his political roots as a student of conservative anti-poverty thinkers, the House Budget Committee chairman said many aspects of the expansion of the federal safety net since President Johnson's "War on Poverty" 50 years ago were "making it worse.
March 3, 2014 | By Jon Healey
A headline Monday in Politics Now, the L.A. Times' blog on national politics, distilled the challenge facing Rep. Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) as he tries to broaden his party's appeal. The story by Lisa Mascaro was about a report the House Budget Committee (which Ryan chairs) released Monday on Washington's "duplicative and complex" array of benefits for the poor. Declared the headline: "Paul Ryan calls for cuts to anti-poverty programs. " The report didn't actually call for cuts, however.
March 2, 2014
MIDDLE EAST Slide show Dave Garfinkle will show slides of his recent trip to Jordan, the seven United Arab Emirates and Oman. When, where: 7:30 p.m. Monday at Distant Lands, 20 S. Raymond Ave., Pasadena. Admission, info: Free. RSVP to (626) 449-3220. HIKING Patrick Mitchell will discuss his new book "Santa Ana Mountains History, Habitat and Hikes: On the Slopes of Old Saddleback and Beyond. " When, where: 7 p.m. Tuesday at the REI store in Tustin, 2962 El Camino Real.
March 1, 2014 | By Joe Mozingo
Wearing a nitrogen-powered jet pack, Dale Gardner stepped from the space shuttle, alone and untethered, 224 miles above Earth. Armed with a 5-foot probe called a stinger, Gardner drifted toward a wayward satellite, the Westar 6, which was spinning slowly, 35 feet away. When he got close enough Gardner inserted the stinger into the orbiter's spent rocket nozzle and brought it to a halt. "I got it," he exclaimed. The mission to salvage the Westar and another communications satellite, the Palapa B-2, in November 1984 marked a high point of the space shuttle program, feeding a growing sense of NASA's infallibility that would end just a year later, when the Challenger exploded just after launch over Florida.
February 28, 2014 | By Mary MacVean
Erica Eihl speaks in a voice that her kindergartners can hear only if they are as quiet as the church mice in children's storybooks. And with a couple of squirrelly exceptions, they stay that quiet for 15 or 20 minutes - a near eternity - as Eihl guides them to use all their senses to consider a piece of apple, with directions such as, "Looking at the apple, look on the outside. Look on the inside.… Remember, keep it in your palm and just look at it. " When she asks for their input, she gets raised hands and comments such as: "It smells juicy and apple-y" and "I see little tiny white spots.
February 28, 2014 | By Seema Mehta
A Republican who wants to be California's governor is staking his bid on having run the $700-billion federal bank bailout - even as GOP candidates across the nation distance themselves from the highly unpopular program. As he courts voters, former U. S. Treasury official Neel Kashkari rarely mentions the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) by name. But he says that it staved off another Great Depression, and he cites his work on the program as proof of what he could do in Sacramento.
February 27, 2014 | By Hugo Martin
Delta Air Lines, one of the nation's largest carriers, is revamping its loyalty program to offer members reward miles based on how much money is spent instead of on the number of miles flown. The points accumulated in the Delta's Skymiles program before the changes are set to start Jan. 1 will not be affected. Under the changes, members can earn between five and 11 miles per dollar spent, depending on the member's status level. Southwest Airlines adopted similar changes to its Rapid Rewards program in 2011, a move that angered many longtime Southwest fliers.
February 23, 2014 | George Skelton, Capitol Journal
If a product doesn't sell, try repackaging and renaming. That's a proven strategy, whatever you're peddling. Good timing also helps. Thus, when the governor's California Water Action Plan sits on a shelf unnoticed for a while - and outside it is very dry - reshape and rewrap the contents as Emergency Drought Legislation. Bingo. There's a buying frenzy. Gov. Jerry Brown and his administration spent months, behind the scenes, crafting his Water Action Plan. On Jan. 10, he devoted significant space in his annual budget proposal to the $619-million plan.
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