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February 24, 1985
Patrick Lynn, co-owner of Augustine Realtors, has been named head of the Mentor Program of the Los Angeles Business and Professional Assn. The Mentor Program was established to reach out to gay and lesbian professionals of new and existing companies, to provide support, guidance and business expertise. Lynn has participated in the program for four years.
June 17, 2001
Re "Military Rethinks Axing Also-Rans," June 13: It sounds like such a good idea; keep those who can contribute to the armed forces after they've been passed over for promotion. Yet a number of items have been overlooked in the article: Congress establishes the number and grade of personnel in each of the armed forces. So if you retain an officer who has been passed over for promotion, he still counts against the number of authorized officers of that grade. That means that an officer in the next lower grade who is qualified for promotion cannot be promoted because there will be no opening.
May 20, 1989
Prof. James Guthrie has some good points in his commentary on the Los Angeles School District (Op-Ed Page, May 17). The district has its priorities backwards. Prospective teachers should begin their careers as administrators and, eventually, achieve promotion to teacher. GARY A. ROBB Los Angeles
October 13, 1998 | CHUCK PHILIPS
Promotion executive Andrea Gannis has been promoted to executive vice president of Time Warner's Atlantic Records label. Gannis, who has worked at Atlantic for nearly two decades, is credited with helping to transform such unconventional acts as Jewel into radio superstars.
September 25, 1987 | Associated Press
President Reagan has nominated Air Force Maj. Gen. Donald J. Kutyna for a promotion to lieutenant general and new assignment as head of the Air Force Space Command, the Pentagon has announced. Kutyna, if confirmed by the Senate, will replace Maj. Gen. Maurice C. Padden, who is retiring on Nov. 1.
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