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October 14, 2009 | Times Wire Reports
Nearly 1,000 children in a central Chinese province have tested positive for excessive levels of lead in blood. After reports of large-scale lead poisoning in Shaanxi province, the health bureau in the city of Jiyuan in Henan province tested 2,743 children. Signs of lead poisoning were found in 968 children who live near three smelters.
May 27, 1989 | From Associated Press
Eighty people died from rabies in the eastern China province of Shandong during the first three months of this year, an official daily said Friday. The China Daily quoted a local health official as saying 539 people in the province died from rabies last year.
August 12, 1987 | From Reuters
Salvadoran guerrillas blew up a bridge in southern Usulutan province, the ninth they have destroyed in a series of attacks since early July, authorities said Tuesday. The bridge, on a secondary road, cut off transport to the town of Jucuaran, 80 miles east of the capital, witnesses said.
November 11, 2009 | Martha Groves
When television producer Sibyl Gardner adopted a baby girl in China in 2003, the official story was that the infant had been abandoned on the steps of the salt works in the city of Guangchang, where a worker found the day-old child and took her to a social welfare institution. But after reading with "utter horror" the latest revelations of child trafficking in China in the Los Angeles Times, Gardner found herself contemplating a trip to back to Jiangxi province to investigate how Zoë, now 7, came up for adoption.
September 7, 1988 | From Reuters
At least one fisherman was dead and two were missing Tuesday after a fleet of herring boats were struck by gale-force winds off northeastern New Brunswick province, rescue officials said.
December 8, 1987
Seven people were killed when a bus was hit by a freight train at a crossing in Kitwe in Zambia's northern copper-belt province, the Zambia News Agency reported Monday.
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