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Psychic Phenomenon

February 28, 1988 | KAY BARTLETT, Associated Press
Shawn Robbins, psychic, author and mail-order entrepreneur, has turned her big hazel eyes toward Wall Street since the stock market has become so volatile. A shaky market is good for people in her line of work, she says. "For psychics," she says, "the market is boring when it's good, but now is the chance to really shine with psychic abilities. This is a good time to go to a 'reputable psychic.' "Be careful, though. This is not the time to go to Madame Ripoff on the corner with your portfolio.
May 7, 1994 | BOB ELSTON
Palm readers, massage therapists and tarot card readers will appear at the three-day Psychic Faire this weekend at the Hyatt Newporter. The fair, which began Friday evening and ends Sunday, caters to both believers and skeptics, and it will feature a wide variety of supernatural and astrological experiences, said Kathleen Scott, fair organizer and veteran astrologer.
October 28, 1988 | CAROL FOX
By day, Richard Senate is site manager for the Albinger Archeological Museum in Ventura, where he has been known to protect the grounds from such intrusions as the making of a rock video. But Senate also moonlights as an investigator who looks into reports of psychic phenomenon, and tonight he will give his annual presentation on ghost hunting from 7 to 10 at Pierce College. Once a skeptic himself, the 40-year-old Senate said he understands the doubters among his audience.
April 24, 1988 | Alex Raksin
"Travels" opens with stories of Michael Crichton's clinical rotations as a medical student, told with a spirit reminiscent of Richard Feynman--curious, sensible and irreverent. The tales are as funny as they are disturbing: a healthy patient convinced that he is dying of "aerial nodes," a neurology resident who, "in a kind of insane pretense," sticks pins in incurable patients "to check their reflexes."
May 27, 1988 | MICHAEL ARKUSH
Sandra Deer is a playwright, not a psychic. So don't confuse her with long-winded, esoteric questions about the psychic phenomenon, the sixth sense and all that stuff. Stick to the basics. Like, "why did you write a play about a psychic?" "I've always been intrigued by the idea there's knowledge and levels of consciousness we don't have," answered Deer, a Georgia writer whose play, "Amazing Grace," opened Thursday night at the Back Alley Theatre in Van Nuys.
January 4, 1987 | Richard Buffum
This is the time of year when so-called psychics issue predictions of events to come. So following this time-honored tradition, I shall for the first time in my career publish my own set of predictions. Longtime readers of this column are aware that I am a student of conjuring and a collector of books on the subject, as well as a performer of magic tricks.
Back in 1992, actor John Corbett was quoted in a newspaper article as saying, "I feel like a visitor just about everywhere." It would turn out to be an eerily prophetic statement. Today, the former "Northern Exposure" actor is playing the lead role in "The Visitor," Fox's new drama series which debuts this Friday at 8 p.m. Appropriately enough, psychic phenomenon and seemingly mystical powers play a strong role in the series.
September 3, 1989 | SAM FARMER, Times Staff Writer
Gary Thran is sympathetic to the plight of San Fernando Valley League football programs feeling the squeeze after Notre Dame was admitted to the league last season. The Harvard coach recalls a headline from the past decade: Harvard Loses, But Scores in Pioneer League. That was written after Harvard's first league touchdown, which came late in the 1974 season, Thran's second.
May 31, 1992 | Michael D'Antonio, New York writer Michael D'Antonio is author of Heaven on Earth, Dispatches from America's Spiritual Frontier
Other visionaries, such as Sir Thomas More, have outlined plans for achieving perfection one soul at a time. Michael Murphy has a bigger idea. In "The Future of the Body" he proposes that mankind is on the brink of "a new kind of life on this planet," a global Utopia in which we all may develop startling mental, physical and "paranormal" abilities.
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