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June 25, 1993
The mission of the University of California is to serve the people of California through relevant academic programs. Chancellor Charles Young and Vice Chancellor Andrea Rich seem to have forgotten this mission when they ordered the disestablishment of the Schools of Public Health, Social Welfare, and Urban Planning and Architecture, each among the finest in the country (June 4). Though these schools generate relatively little endowments by the very nature of their programs, missions and graduates, they provide the most direct service to the people of Los Angeles, especially to minority groups and the most vulnerable in society.
October 18, 2001
Anthrax spores found near the heart of U.S. government--the offices of Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle--have cranked up bioterrorism anxieties. The worry is still out of proportion to the immediate danger. Only one person has died of anthrax to date. While 31 congressional employees have tested positive for anthrax exposure, none show symptoms. And the pathogen cannot be contracted through exposure to an infected person.
November 25, 1992
The streets of downtown Los Angeles are home, literally, to many of the city's poor, and within that open-air home nearly every dark corner has been turned into a public toilet. Though these "toilets" do not appear as a distinct item on any municipal budget, their cost to public health and to the social and physical environment is real enough. The stench, at some points, is overwhelming even to the passing motorist. But what are the homeless to do?
August 18, 1987
Last week Velsicol Co. and the federal Environmental Protection Agency agreed to suspend the further sale and production of the widely used but extremely hazardous pesticide chlordane. This is an important step toward protecting the public from a toxic chemical. The EPA would have done a more thorough job, however, if it had also recalled and disposed of an estimated two-month retail supply of chlordane--an action that it did not take.
March 3, 2014 | By Tony Barboza
Wait three days after it rains before going into the ocean. It's a warning that public health officials issued to beachgoers this week, as they do after any significant storm in California. But a study released Monday is raising questions about whether that three-day waiting period is enough to protect people who swim, surf and play in the ocean from pathogens in storm runoff that can make them ill. "To err on the side of caution, stay out of the water for five days after rainfall," said Amanda Griesbach, a water quality scientist at Heal the Bay , an environmental group that provided data and other support for the research by undergraduate students at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.
July 23, 1993 | SARA CATANIA
Lawrence E. Dodds, Ventura County's public health officer and former head of the Public Health Department, will leave the county July 30, it was announced this week. Ventura County Health Care Agency Director Phillipp K. Wessels told a committee of county health leaders Thursday that he has narrowed the field of replacement candidates to three physicians who already work for public health in Ventura County. He plans to fill the post by early next week.
January 18, 2000 | ANNA GORMAN
Public health officials will survey thousands of Ventura County residents in an effort to improve health care. The survey, which will take place from now to March, is part of a nationwide study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Participants will answer questions about their health and nutrition. They also will visit a mobile examination center, where doctors, dentists and nutritionists will conduct various tests.
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