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November 20, 2012 | By Chris Foster
UCLA defensive end Datone Jones remembers attending a show at a comedy club with teammate Eric Kendricks two years ago. It was hard to be inconspicuous. Kendricks and his wild jet-black hair — picture the image of a cartoon character who has stuck a finger in a light socket — became an easy target. "Every comedian picked on him," Jones said. "One guy called him 'High School Musical.' " Coach Jim Mora rolled his eyes at this, saying, "Did the guy know who Eric was? I mean, you might want to be careful doing that.
January 5, 1986 | MIKE RABUN, United Press International
Notes from around the National Football League: Buried within the vast amout of numbers piled up this year are some obscure points of trivia. The Kansas City Chiefs led the NFL this season with 95 punts, an indication of why they were one of the major disappointments in the league. That total, however, is well short of the record of 114 posted by the Chicago Bears in 1981. The Houston Oilers were the runaway leader in drawing penalty flags.
January 26, 1986 | Steven Smith
No matter who wins the Super Bowl today (2 p.m., our time on NBC), NBC is a sure advertising winner. On the network level, NBC will be raking in up to $550,000 for a single 30-second Super Bowl spot while ABC's "This Week With David Brinkley" at 2:30 p.m. will be slumming with its usual $18,000 a half minute. On the local airwaves, meanwhile, a half-minute on KABC Channel 7 will cost the usual $500 during Super Bowl time.
December 29, 2001
For thousands of years humans have used sports as a stage to teach values to young people, as a platform to forge prized physical and mental skills and as a relatively safe place to work off the natural aggressions of citizens, most of them spectators. Alas, as Americans consume a year-end surfeit of food and football, we have less than glorious examples of all this and worse. The new year should bring security crackdowns at rowdy pro games and self-examination at sports-crazy colleges.
On his knees, his head aching, his body shaking, his stomach churning, Golden Richards, in a cold sweat, would hover in his bathroom over the toilet in desperate search. He had to do something. There were no more painkillers--no more Percodan pills--in the medicine cabinet or under the bed or in whatever hole he had chosen as the latest hiding place for his drugs. His demons demanded immediate satisfaction. He had consumed the last of his stash.
October 21, 1989
Poway 21, Vista 20--Poway (4-3, 2-2) trailed 12-0 at half, but came back to defeat Vista (1-6, 0-4). Avocado Ramona 21, Carlsbad 20--Carlsbad (3-4, 1-2) scored with 31 seconds left on Charlie Grant's six-yard run, but quarterback Jesse Medina's pitch to Grant on the conversion was behind him and recovered by Ramona (5-2, 3-1). Carlsbad's Chris Greene caught four passes for 59 yards and two touchdowns and running back Will Bartch ran for 148 yards in 15 carries.
David Klingler threw an NCAA-record 11 touchdown passes and tied the NCAA season record of 47 scoring throws in a season, leading No. 12 Houston to an 84-21 victory over Eastern Washington on Saturday. A week ago, the Texas Longhorns beat Houston, 45-24, knocking the Cougars (9-1) out of a chance to win the national championship and ending their 12-game winning streak. Klingler wanted to put that behind them in a hurry.
October 14, 2009 | Gary Klein
USC quarterback Mitch Mustain apparently just needed a few kicks to move up the depth chart. Mustain, now the Trojans' No. 2 quarterback behind Matt Barkley , said Tuesday that his recent stint working as a punter helped him focus and perform better at his primary position. "Actually having something to do that was at least halfway constructive helped a lot," he said. Mustain is clearly buoyed by his elevated status, which was evident last week when he took most of the second-team snaps during the Trojans' off week.
February 9, 1993
The Irish Parliament meets this week under a new government facing a squall of opposition criticism over its handling of Ireland's severe currency crisis. Prime Minister Albert Reynolds will weather an all-day debate on his decision to devalue the Irish punt, after a run on the currency resulted in a 10% reduction in its worth.
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