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Rabbi Marvin Hier

December 25, 2006
Re "Wiesenthal removed from LDS baptism list," Dec. 19 Simon Wiesenthal's name appeared on the Mormon Church's list for proxy baptisms. Well, the solution is simple: Develop a computer program that will not allow certain names to be added -- ever. Thousands, millions could be added quickly. Rabbi Marvin Hier, the Wiesenthal Center's founder and dean, said: "It is sacrilegious for the Mormon faith to desecrate his memory by suggesting that Jews on their own are not worthy enough to receive God's eternal blessing."
March 24, 1998
* FOREIGN-LANGUAGE FILM: "Character," the Netherlands. * ART DIRECTION: Titanic, Peter Lamont (art direction) and Michael Ford (set decoration), * CINEMATOGRAPHY: Titanic, Russell Carpenter * COSTUME DESIGN: Titanic, Deborah L. Scott * DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: "The Long Way Home," Rabbi Marvin Hier and Richard Trank. * DOCUMENTARY SHORT SUBJECT: "A Story of Healing," Donna Dewey and Carol Pasternak. * FILM EDITING: Titanic, Conrad Buff, James Cameron and Richard A.
October 30, 2008 | Mike Boehm
A Frank Gehry-designed museum can rise in Jerusalem on a site that was once a Muslim cemetery, Israel's Supreme Court ruled Wednesday, clearing the way for L.A.'s Simon Wiesenthal Center to build a Holy Land counterpart to its Museum of Tolerance on Pico Boulevard. The $250-million project had been delayed since early 2006, when builders unearthed bones. Arab leaders in Israel sued to stop the project and were supported, in an unusual alliance, by some ultra-Orthodox Jews with firm beliefs against disturbing graves.
August 2, 2000
TONIGHT Pacific daylight time 4:30--5 p.m. * House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois; presentation of colors by Boy Scout Troop 82 of Somerset, Ky., and Camp Fire Girls of Pennsylvania. * Rebecca King sings the National Anthem. * Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young delivers the invocation. * 5-6 p.m. * Hector Barreto, a California small-business owner. * Virginia Gov. James S. Gilmore. * 6-7 p.m. * Entertainer Jon Secada. * Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan.
December 22, 1994
A 16-year-old boy believed to be a skinhead was arrested by sheriff's deputies Wednesday on suspicion of severely vandalizing a Jewish cemetery in Norwalk. Detective Richard Hiles of the Norwalk sheriff's station said at least $50,000 in damage was done to 39 of the 200 tombstones at the Chevra Kadisha Mortuary on Curtis & King Road. Several markers--inscribed with family names and Jewish symbols such as the Star of David--were found in piles of marble and granite.
The Simon Wiesenthal Center's Moriah Films continues its distinguished series of documentaries with "In Search of Peace Part One: 1948-1967," which chronicles the first half of Israel's existence. Written by Sir Martin Gilbert and the center's Rabbi Marvin Hier, and adapted by its director, Richard Trank, "In Search of Peace" unfolds in straightforward fashion, bringing clarity and a personal touch to a complex and turbulent era of history.
September 1, 1988
According to a news story in The Times (Part I, Aug. 15) Republicans hoping to elect George Bush President are pitching hard for the Jewish vote with a "sleeper" plank in their convention platform, which opposes a Palestinian state and a U.N. resolution saying that Zionism is racism. The Mideast plank won immediate approval from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Tom Dine, its executive director, felt that this plank is the best ever on U.S.-Israel relations by either party.
May 9, 1987
The charade that led to barring the entry to the United States of President Kurt Waldheim of Austria borders on the incredible. If, indeed, evidence exists that Waldheim is a war criminal, then he should be tried in a competent court, and if found guilty, he should be punished. But, lacking any real evidence of Waldheim's war crimes, U.S. Attorney Neal Sherb and his boss, Atty. Gen. Edwin Meese, III, have elected to try Waldheim, not in a proper court, but in the world press. The issue is not Waldheim's guilt or innocence; the issue is our government's willingness to abandon the law and adopt the lynch-mob mentality of certain special interest groups.
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