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Rainbow Bar Grill

It's funny how some of the best clubs are the forgotten ones--those that have been around for decades but are overshadowed by L.A.'s burning desire to focus on what's momentarily hip. So many of the great nightspots simply keep plugging away year after year, until that second or third or sometimes fourth wave comes along and returns them to the spotlight for a brief time. Well, somewhere over (at) the Rainbow, the skies seem to be blue.
December 7, 2008 | Dennis McLellan, McLellan is a Times staff writer.
Elmer Valentine, co-founder of the Whisky a Go Go, the legendary live rock showcase on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood that gave birth to the go-go dancer phenomenon of the 1960s, has died. He was 85. Valentine, who also co-founded the Roxy Theatre in the early '70s, died Wednesday at his home in Studio City after suffering from various ailments the last four years, said music mogul Lou Adler, his longtime friend and business partner.
January 14, 1990 | TODD EVERETT
Some musicians claim to be the most popular. Others claim to be the most prolific. A singer who calls himself Michael on Fire claims a singular distinction. "I'm proud to say," he boasted of his dealings with record companies, "that I've probably been turned down more than any other performer in the history of the world." Or, as CBS Records Vice President Jamie Cohen put it: "Michael on Fire? Just a minute. . . . I get him confused with Flies on Fire," the name of a local rock band.
December 15, 2002 | KASTLE WASERMAN
The platform boots, the Spandex, the big hair, the dog collars--the Rainbow Bar & Grill has seen it all during three decades as playroom of choice to the Sunset Strip's flamboyant rock 'n' roll strutters. Oh, if those walls could talk. From the bustling side patio and parking lot pickup scene to the dining room's dimly lit red leather booths to the intimate "Over the Rainbow Room" upstairs, where the Beatles once hung out, the place exudes decadent cachet.
July 12, 2013 | By Chris Daley
It's hard to be a symbol; it's even harder to be a teenager. Yet somehow the Runaways made both look easy - and over-the-top fun - for a few years in the bacchanalian L.A. rock scene of the mid-1970s. Sadly, both symbols and teens tend to age out. "Queens of Noise," Evelyn McDonnell's new history of the band, thrusts us into a nearly unrecognizable Los Angeles. Female students aren't allowed to play drums in school bands, everyone is taking Quaaludes, and lecherous music-industry types are sleeping with minors without compunction.
January 31, 1988 | LINDA ZIMMERMAN
...Soup can do more to lift the spirits and stimulate the appetite than any other one dish. Master Chef Louis P. De Gouy Moses Maimonides, the 12th-Century Hebrew scholar, physician and rabbi, recommended chicken soup as a remedy for "black humors." Test studies have proven "Jewish penicillin" effective in relieving cold symptoms. And recently the Thomas J. Lipton Co. announced that they were developing a new chicken soup with lecithin, claiming the brew might benefit one's memory.
May 26, 2010 | By Mark Sachs, Los Angeles Times
Ah, to be a single-name star, those anointed ones for whom no further identification is necessary. There's Elvis, there's Marilyn, there's Kobe — and then there's Lemmy. Motörhead's indefatigable frontman, Lemmy Kilmister, is being honored for his long and illustrious music career on VH1 Classic's "Revolver Magazine's Golden Gods Award," airing this week, where he'll also perform a killer version of "Ace of Spades" with Lemmy fans Slash and Dave Grohl. He's also working on a new album and beginning a world tour.
July 17, 2005 | Steve Baltin, Special to The Times
Angelenos who party a little too hard in Vegas these days might be hard-pressed to recall which city they're actually in. In a town that proudly pilfers the identities of other locales to come up with its faux culture, Sin City is casting an eye to L.A. as its latest source of inspiration, with such local hot spots as Avalon, Forty Deuce, Spider Club, the Beauty Bar and the Rainbow Bar & Grill either recently opening or being planned for Vegas. Steve Adelman, a partner in the L.A.
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