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Ralph Nader

November 12, 2000
Let's admit it, in this election, spoiler Ralph Nader will be forever remembered as the nadir. SUZANNE SCHECHTER Oxnard
February 5, 2013
Re "Getting nicked by razor blade makers," Column, Feb. 1 Ralph Nader warned of built-in obsolescence in the 1960s. Back then, we ladies were asking, "If we can put a man on the moon, why can't they come up with a sheer stocking that doesn't run?" We live in a disposable world, and most financing and corporate planning seems based on that. It sort of makes a joke of recycling. David Lazarus' column on razor blades that seem built not to last touches on a theme that crosses my mind almost daily.
October 17, 2012 | By Matthew Cooper
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September 19, 2011 | By Mark Z. Barabak
Ralph Nader -- legendary consumer advocate, accused spoiler in the 2000 presidential campaign -- is not, to state it mildly, terribly popular among Democrats, who still hold the election of George W. Bush against him. So the idea, announced Monday, that he is seeking to recruit a slate of liberal stalwarts to mount a primary challenge against President Obama in 2012 is likely to elicit a response -- at least among some in the party -- ranging somewhere...
March 24, 2011 | Wire reports
Consumer advocate Ralph Nader is calling for the elimination of college athletic scholarships, saying the move is necessary to "de-professionalize" college athletes. "As we near the exciting conclusion of March Madness ? which would more accurately be described as the 2011 NCAA Professional Basketball Championships ? it's time we step back and finally address the myth of amateurism surrounding big-time college football and basketball in this country," said Nader, whose League of Fans is proposing that the scholarships be replaced with need-based financial aid. The Associated Press obtained a copy of the proposal Thursday, ahead of its official release.
December 21, 2008
Regarding David Lazarus' consumer column, "Who'll be your activist citizen?" (Dec. 14): The column states: "Nader's consumer advocacy, of course, has been overshadowed by his political ambitions (for which he still has a lot to answer, if you ask me)." I take exception to the part in parentheses. It's made to sound as if it's a moral failing for an independent or emerging-party candidate to run for office in this country. The same spirit that led Ralph Nader to stand up to the auto industry and to found all those consumer groups is the spirit that motivates him to stand up to two-party rule today.
October 1, 2008
Re "Little candidates that could," Opinion, Sept. 29 George Bush may or may not have won Florida by a few hundred votes in 2000. And the 90,000 Floridians who voted for Ralph Nader did indeed throw the race to the major-party candidate who was 100% hostile to everything Nader and his supporters held dear. But the Florida debacle would not have mattered had 22,198 voters in New Hampshire not voted for Nader. He captured nearly 4% of that state's votes, allowing George Bush to win New Hampshire by a margin of 48% to 47%. Had the state's four electoral votes not been handed to Bush, Al Gore would have won the presidency without needing Florida.
September 27, 2008 | Seema Mehta, Times Staff Writer
Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader lambasted the Democrats and Republicans on Friday as a "two-party dictatorship" that has squandered decades of power and allowed corporate greed to dictate American policy.
September 15, 2008 | From the Associated Press
Peter Camejo, a Green Party leader who was a third-party candidate in three California gubernatorial elections before becoming Ralph Nader's running mate in the 2004 presidential race, died Saturday. He was 68. Camejo, who had been battling lymphoma, died at his home in Folsom, east of Sacramento. "Peter was a friend, colleague and politically courageous champion of the downtrodden and mistreated of the entire Western Hemisphere," Nader wrote in a statement released Saturday.
June 13, 2008 | Lance Pugmire, Times Staff Writer
In 2002, consumer advocate and current presidential candidate Ralph Nader quickly criticized the NBA referees who worked the Lakers' controversial Game 6 Western Conference finals victory over the Sacramento Kings.
February 29, 2008
Re "Spoiling for fight, Nader runs again," Feb. 25 Ralph Nader has again put his vanity ahead of the interests of the American people. Having ensured the victory of George W. Bush in 2000, he bears some responsibility for an ill-advised war, casualties, huge military and reconstruction expenditures and a multiplying national debt. His action is designed to divert the Green Party vote, which otherwise would be cast for a Democrat. It is time for America to recognize the danger Nader presents.
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