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Ram Fans

November 3, 1990
I had to open all my doors and windows Monday night. The Rams really stunk up the place. GEORGE GARDNER North Hollywood
January 19, 2008 | Christine Daniels
The words still grind away at Southern California football fans who remember Eric Dickerson high-stepping around would-be tacklers, Henry Ellard breaking free in the end zone and Jack Youngblood terrorizing opposing quarterbacks. They were uttered moments after the Rams won a Super Bowl representing a city far removed from Los Angeles and Anaheim, words that perfectly summarized Georgia Frontiere's relationship with Southland sports fans five years after she severed that relationship.
November 11, 1989
Never count the Rams in! MATTHIAS BATES, Hesperia
January 14, 2006
For those of us who loved the Los Angeles Ram teams of the 1960s and '70s, we lost a friend with the passing of Jack Snow. During our recess, lunch, and sandlot football games in Santa Monica when I was a kid, all of us wanted to be Jack Snow whenever we played wide receiver. He moved like a gazelle and had two of the surest hands, making more than his share of fingertip catches along the way. So long, No. 84, and thanks for the memories. JIM GILLESPIE Temecula
December 1, 1990
Rams 28, 49ers 17. Were players sending penny-pinching Georgia Frontiere a message for 1991? JAMES J. BENNETT Oxnard
January 14, 2004 | Lonnie White, Times Staff Writer
Second-guessing NFL coaches has grown into a national pastime, and fans of the St. Louis Rams and Green Bay Packers will have a busy off-season analyzing decisions made by their coaches in last weekend's playoff losses. For the Rams, Coach Mike Martz went against quarterback Marc Bulger's regular-season success inside the opponent's 20-yard line when he decided to play it safe at the end of regulation in St. Louis' 29-23 double-overtime loss to Carolina.
January 31, 2000
A rally and parade were planned for downtown St. Louis today to honor the Rams. The parade will begin at 4:30 p.m. CST downtown. After the parade, a rally will take place at Kiener Plaza. Ram players and coaches were expected to speak at the rally. After the rally, the city will set off about $15,000 worth of fireworks. Even before the Super Bowl began Sunday, city officials were ready to celebrate. Blue and gold bunting was placed atop lamp posts lining the parade route.
Some might call them the Fearsome Fivesome. Others might call them nuts. They are five Southern California men, all in their 30s, from different walks of life. One is a pharmacist, another a house painter, two work for Sony Pictures Entertainment and one is the advertising manager for a business publication. Their common bond is that they have remained loyal Ram fans through thick and thin--mostly thin.
April 22, 1995
Let me see if I have this right: 1. The well-meaning--if somewhat unsophisticated--people of St. Louis paid $73 million for so-called "personal seat licenses" (which allows them to pay millions more to actually get tickets), and that $73 million will go to the Rams. 2. The Rams will pay the NFL $73 million in bribes so that they will be allowed to move to St. Louis from Southern California. 3. The NFL will pay Al Davis $73 million toward the building of a new football stadium here in Southern California.
April 21, 1995 | MIKE PENNER
They are gone, gone for good, and it is time to move beyond the mourning, remove the black crepe paper from the living room portrait of Merlin Olsen, give up the ghost of Jack Youngblood and get on with a life without punt-return fumbles by Todd Kinchen. It has not been easy, I know, coping during these first few days of the post-Los Angeles-Anaheim Ram era.
April 15, 1995
St. Louis has been successful in spending megabucks to bring the Los Angeles Rams to Missouri, which will now be known as the "Snow Me" state. JOYCE CATES Ventura
April 14, 1995 | From Associated Press
The first St. Louis Rams merchandise should hit the stores by this weekend, if not sooner, and fans can hardly wait. Sportswear retailers are anxiously anticipating their first shipments of St. Louis Rams T-shirts, caps and other gear, now that the NFL has finally agreed to allow the team to relocate from Southern California. Fans too seem hungry for goods bearing the name of their new team.
March 11, 1995
Now I read where the NFL and Fox TV are going to block the Rams' move to St. Louis. We as Ram fans should only allow them back if Georgia, John Shaw and the other fools who ruined a once-proud organization stay in St. Louis. The "Save the Rams" organization should change its name to "Save the Rams From Georgia." TAYLOR E. BROWMAN Newport Beach
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