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Randy Skinner

November 30, 2005 | Daryl H. Miller, Times Staff Writer
It's a feel-good bonanza: The boys get the girls, the boys help out their old Army general and everyone gets infused with holiday spirit to the strains of Irving Berlin's "White Christmas." Such warmth of feeling is a key reason the 1954 movie "White Christmas" remains a seasonal staple and a fond part of many people's memories.
July 12, 2003 | Don Shirley, Times Staff Writer
A touring production of the musical "42nd Street" began a seven-week run at the Ahmanson Theatre on Friday night. Below is a condensed version of a review that ran in The Times on June 13, when the production was at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. This is the touring ensemble from the 2001 Broadway production that won a Tony Award for best musical revival -- the 1980 show's first Broadway reprise -- and the company has a Broadway sheen. Expect no revelations, however.
April 5, 1992 | DON SHIRLEY
When Long Beach Civic Light Opera presented "A Musical Christmas Carol" last year, it was in the 840-seat Center Theater, instead of the mammoth Terrace Theater where the group's productions usually take place. Though not part of the regular season, it was offered to subscribers as a bonus. One subscriber called with a surprising question: In which city is the Center Theater located?
April 26, 2006 | Victoria Looseleaf, Special to The Times
The sound of one hand clapping may be the quintessential Zen Buddhist koan, but the thundering vibrations of 50 tapping feet at the opening of a musical can signal only one thing: "42nd Street." The storied musical, which opened Saturday at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, is back with a vengeance. Part of the Civic Light Opera of South Bay Cities' 15th anniversary celebration, this national touring production is, happily, none the worse for wear.
The theater is going to the pigs. At least it is in Long Beach, where a musical based on a 1945 musical film, based on a 1933 non-musical film, based on a 1932 novel by Phil Stong, is trying to pass for "new."
June 13, 2003 | Don Shirley, Times Staff Writer
Despite the recent overcast skies, summertime theater is here. No, not Shakespeare under the stars. We're talking about chorines under the lights. Like beach reading, the backstage musical "42nd Street" offers a story that serves mainly as a pretext for simply relaxing and admiring the scenery.
September 10, 1999 | MARTIN HENDERSON
Robby Gordon has fallen in love with the Eagle chassis. Gordon bought an Eagle chassis from Dan Gurney's All American Racers team to use in the season's last two oval races, at Chicago and Fontana, after using the Swift. But Gordon, the only driver/owner on the CART Championship circuit, decided to drive the Eagle last weekend at Vancouver, and also will use it this weekend at Laguna Seca and later in the streets of Houston.
December 28, 1986 | TERRY ATKINSON and CHRIS WILLMAN
In 1986 the vaunted power of music videos seemed to slip a bit. Seemed is the key word, because the final vote isn't in. The chief evidence against the form--a slip in MTV ratings, the fact that Van Halen and Journey didn't make videos for a couple of singles--may prove merely circumstantial. And for every Van Halen record that wasn't promoted by a video, there were 10 Cinderellas boosted by visual aids.
August 8, 1988 | DAN SULLIVAN, Times Theater Critic
We're in a bigger, better war For your patriotic pastime. We don't know what we're fighting for-- But we didn't know the last time! --"Strike Up the Band" Most Gershwin musicals in the 1920s were soap bubbles, as can be seen from their titles: "Funny Face," "Oh, Kay!" Not "Strike Up the Band" (1927), in which American boys once more go across the Big Pond, in order to defend American cheese against the hated Swiss variety. The acerbic George S.
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