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March 15, 1990 | RALPH FRAMMOLINO
Declaring that "California needs a diaper change," Sen. Lucy Killea (D-San Diego) on Wednesday unveiled a bill that would require environmental warning stickers on packages of plastic disposable diapers. The proposed legislation, Senate Bill 2342, would set up a toll-free "diaper line" to advise parents on ecologically safe alternatives to disposable diapers. It would also prohibit child care centers from discriminating against children whose parents opt for reusable cloth diapers.
February 26, 1991 | From Redbook
Substances from your favorite makeup to the zipper on your clothes can cause itchy rashes and contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis can be induced by substances that either trigger allergies or irritate the skin, according to an article in the current issue of Redbook, and the resulting rash can occur anywhere on your body, from the scalp on down. "When an allergy is involved, your immune system perceives the substance touching your skin to be a threat," said dermatologist Dr.
July 19, 1996 | NICK GREEN
The second head-on collision on area roads in two days put a pair of North Hollywood men in the hospital with serious injuries, authorities said. The latest crash occurred Wednesday night and caused the Pacific Coast Highway near Tonga Street just north of the county line to be closed for four hours, said Steve Reid, a California Highway Patrol spokesman. Two helicopters and four ambulances transported five victims from the scene of the 7:15 p.m. accident, he said.
July 28, 1996 | SCOTT STEEPLETON
A spate of accidents on the Ventura Freeway sent two people to the hospital Saturday while snarling traffic on and off for several hours beginning about noon, authorities said. At least five other people were treated for minor injuries at accident scenes from Pacific Coast Highway south of Point Mugu to Rose Avenue and the Ventura Freeway. "It was a busy day on the 101," said paramedic supervisor Robert Snyder of MedTrans Ambulance of Ventura.
October 8, 2002 | Tim Brown
The Clippers' tentative starting lineup for tonight's exhibition opener against the Lakers at Bakersfield looks nothing like the one Coach Alvin Gentry envisioned when training camp began last week. The Clippers are battered and bruised. Andre Miller and Eric Piatkowski will start at guard, as Gentry expected. The rest is a worst-case scenario that has left Gentry angry and frustrated since players began dropping at the College of the Desert in Palm Desert.
Carjackers seized six vehicles in San Diego between Friday afternoon and early Saturday, and police said a would-be carjacker attempting to seize a seventh in less than 12 hours was fatally stabbed in Mission Valley. In the wake of last week's carjacking in the Gaslamp Quarter in which a 28-year-old Hillcrest man was shot to death and a San Diego County sheriff's deputy was severely beaten, police said the weekend's carjackings constituted a near-epidemic.
April 17, 2005 | Tom Petruno, Times Staff Writer
With the benefit of hindsight, reasonable people today agree that technology stocks in the late 1990s became a monumental financial bubble. Five years from now, what will the reasonable people of 2010 recall as the great bubble of 2005? Or will they have trouble picking just one? The housing market has become the most discussed candidate for bubble-hood this year.
The city's neon lights vibrated in the polished hood of the black BMW as it cruised up Las Vegas Boulevard. The man in the passenger seat was instantly recognizable. Fans lined the streets, waving, snapping photos, begging Tupac Shakur for his autograph. Cops were everywhere, smiling. The BMW 750 sedan, with rap magnate Marion "Suge" Knight at the wheel, was leading a procession of luxury vehicles past the MGM Grand Hotel and Caesars Palace, on their way to a hot new nightclub.
February 9, 2009 | Joe Graedon and Teresa Graedon
My grandson has bad diaper rash. It is hard for him to walk, and he cries when we bathe him or clean his bottom. Someone suggested making a paste with Maalox. The Pharmacist's Letter, a professional publication, classifies Maalox for diaper rash as a rumor. Nonetheless, many parents and some pharmacists are enthusiastic about this home remedy. The baby's skin is cleaned promptly and gently with water. Maalox liquid is applied with a cotton ball.
September 2, 1989 | DAVID TREADWELL, Times Staff Writer
It is a neighborhood of small shops, corner delis and tidy houses and apartment buildings with statues of saints adorning front-yard gardens. On summer evenings, families lounge in aluminum lawn chairs and chat merrily with their neighbors, many speaking in their native Italian, as kids play freely in the quiet streets.
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