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Step carefully around the cow droppings as you head down the rutted dirt path, towel in hand, for your 10-minute curative bath in the "miraculous" mineral waters of the Kuldur Spa. A flimsy-looking statue of V. I. Lenin, painted a tinny shade of silver, points you toward the crumbling pink building that houses several dozen baths. Under the dim yellow light inside, you strip off your clothes in a frosted-glass cubicle and turn the rusty taps. A cockroach scurries along the wall.
The city's neon lights vibrated in the polished hood of the black BMW as it cruised up Las Vegas Boulevard. The man in the passenger seat was instantly recognizable. Fans lined the streets, waving, snapping photos, begging Tupac Shakur for his autograph. Cops were everywhere, smiling. The BMW 750 sedan, with rap magnate Marion "Suge" Knight at the wheel, was leading a procession of luxury vehicles past the MGM Grand Hotel and Caesars Palace, on their way to a hot new nightclub.
September 12, 1990 | FROM TIMES WIRE SERVICES
The crack cocaine epidemic appears to be causing a rash of strokes among young users, and smoking crack may be like playing "Russian roulette" for people with weakened blood vessels in the brain, researchers reported today in the New England Journal of Medicine. A study involving 28 people who suffered strokes within 72 hours of using crack found a strong link between drug use and the appearance of brain-damaging hemorrhages and blockages of blood vessels.
May 18, 1989
Laguna Beach police are warning residents to lock their homes in the wake of a rash of residential burglaries. There has a "noticeable increase" in residential burglaries from March to May this year, Sgt. Ray Lardie said. He said 44% were reported in the central part of the city and 28% in recently annexed South Laguna. While it does not appear that there is a single suspect, Lardie said most of the burglaries occurred between Thursdays and Sundays, during the daytime. Most homes were entered through unlocked doors and windows, although a "significant number" of burglaries were committed with forced entry.
May 28, 1998 | HOLLY J. WOLCOTT
Twelve unsolved burglaries or attempted burglaries have occurred since February in Moorpark, so authorities are reminding residents to secure their homes before leaving and to report suspicious activity. The rash of break-ins has occurred on Mountain Meadow Drive, Peach Hill Road and at new developments throughout the city, said Senior Deputy Kory Martinelli of the Ventura County Sheriff's Department.
November 25, 1997 | GEOFF BOUCHER
A 32-year-old Santa Ana man was arrested on suspicion of possession of stolen property, and investigators suspect he may be linked to a rash of car burglaries in four cities, police said Monday. Donald Ray Wilson was arrested Sunday afternoon by plainclothes investigators staking out the parking lot at Tommy Lasorda Jr. Field House on Casa Loma Avenue, an area where several car burglaries had been reported in recent weeks, police said.
September 13, 1996
The California Highway Patrol was investigating a series of shooting incidents on or near Los Angeles-area freeways--including nine reports of sniper fire on roadways in east Los Angeles and the western San Gabriel Valley over a two-day period, authorities said Thursday. No injuries were reported. Thursday, an undercover Los Angeles Port police officer was driving east on the Century Freeway near Central Avenue just before 10 p.m.
March 30, 1994
At least two dozen small businesses in the San Fernando Valley and nearby areas have been robbed at gunpoint since the beginning of February, and police believe the robberies are the work of one man. So far no one has been hurt.
August 29, 1994 | GREG RIPPEE
Detective Stan Weber had long marveled at how firefighters could leave their stations unlocked and their garage doors wide open without being burglarized while on a call. "I was always amazed seeing fire stations open and no one bothers (to break in)," said the detective, who has been with the Ventura County Sheriff's Department for 18 years. Those days, apparently, are over.
November 20, 1989 | from The Washington Post
The Supreme Court decision last June that sharply restricted the reach of a major civil rights law has resulted in the dismissal of 96 race discrimination claims, nearly one every business day since the opinion was issued, a study released Sunday by a civil rights group says. The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund reviewed court actions between June 15, the date of the Supreme Court's decision in Patterson vs. McLean Credit Union, and Nov. 1.
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