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Ravenna Italy

June 10, 2002 | From Times Wire Reports
With a passionate appeal for Christian unity, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I celebrated the first Orthodox liturgy in 12 centuries in Ravenna, Italy, an ancient outpost of Byzantium. The leader of the world's more than 200 million Orthodox Christians is determined to help heal the nearly 1,000-year-old division between his faithful and the Vatican.
September 15, 1987 | JAMES BATES, Times Staff Writer
Shamrock Holdings, the private investment company controlled by Roy E. Disney, said Monday that it has agreed to sell its Central Soya soybean processor to an Italian agricultural concern in a deal valued at $365 million, thus reaping a $170-million profit for Shamrock and its partners.
September 8, 1996 | Herbert Glass, Herbert Glass is a regular contributor to Calendar
Perhaps the recording companies have finally ended their desperate attempt to find new audiences by making something out of nothing, i.e., trying to pass off as buried treasure the noodlings of such Baroque nonentities as Locatelli, Geminiani, Biber and that most recently discovered purveyor of lost masterpieces, the unspeakable J.D. Heinichen.
November 30, 2008 | Susan Salter Reynolds, Salter Reynolds is a Times staff writer.
Terry Tempest Williams is full to the brim. When she was younger, she wrote books about her life with and separation from her Mormon family and the church itself; about our distance from nature; about democracy, freedom and responsibility; about communicating with stones. Williams is an ecosystem writer -- concepts in her world are joined together by physical and spiritual threads. For some, she can be too much. No vessel, least of all a book, can contain her.
June 11, 1988 | Earl Gustkey
Sunday is the day, boxing fans. We're supposed to learn whether Mike Tyson-Michael Spinks will be the only boxing blockbuster of 1988--or the first of two. Marvin Hagler will be working half-brother Robbie Sims' corner Sunday in Sims' challenge to World Boxing Assn. middleweight champion Sambu Kalambay (NBC, 1 p.m., PDT) at Ravenna, Italy. Immediately afterward, someone will put a mike in Hagler's face, and he is supposed to reveal if he'll fight again, presumably against Sugar Ray Leonard.
December 6, 2002 | Anne-Marie O'Connor, Times Staff Writer
Guadalupe Prieto, the flamboyant young chef of a trendy new Tijuana restaurant, was trapped in bumper-to-bumper taxi traffic not long ago, so she darted down a quiet, leafy side street. And suddenly she saw it. An enormous mosaic of a tree of life reared up from the sidewalk, its sinuous branches embracing a storefront. Prieto stopped her car and stared in amazement.
May 25, 1986 | MICHAEL KIMMELMAN, Kimmelman is a music critic of the Philadelphia Inquirer and
The "solid gold Cadillac of orchestras" was the way it was described roughly a decade ago by one New York critic. Most valuable among the Philadelphia Orchestra's assets was the distinctive sound it could produce. That "Philadelphia sound"--a plush, burnished, string-heavy tone--became the group's trademark during the late Eugene Ormandy's 44-year tenure as music director, and it remains closely linked with the orchestra in the minds of many listeners even six years after the maestro retired.
December 20, 2008 | Jessica Gelt
If God made man in his own image, then does God look anything like Arnold Schwarzenegger? That's a question you might mull over when you come across a picture of a much younger topless governator flexing in the pages of a glossy edition of the New Testament called "Bible Illuminated: The Book."
January 9, 2000 | DIANA LUNDIN, Diana Lundin lives in Van Nuys
At 8 o'clock on a Monday morning, an ungodly hour for someone on vacation in Italy, I shuffled down two flights of stairs to my hotel lobby. The desk clerk pointed to the woman waiting for me. Luciana Notturni managed to be both warm and brisk as she greeted me in Italian and led me to her car. I squeezed in with her three other American students, and we were off. We were here for a five-day workshop at the mosaic art studio that Luciana has run for 30 years.
May 7, 1995 | Mark Swed, Mark Swed is a free-lance writer based in New York. and
Nothing, we are told, works in Russia anymore. Nobody, we are also told, works in Russia anymore. But don't believe it. The Kirov Opera works. In less than five years, the legendary--but, until recently, somewhat dowdy--opera company of the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg has become one of the most talked about, most widely and regularly traveled and most recorded opera companies in the world.
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