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Reagan S Visit

May 12, 1985
Congratulations to our President. It is wonderful to have a Chief Executive with guts. President Reagan is well aware that neither he, nor you, nor I, can change the Holocaust. So he has the serenity, and, by his action, provides ample evidence for us all to profit from, to accept that dismal part of history. He has the courage, and he gives ample evidence of that continuing courage, when, in spite of bleating from all sides, he stood proud, and, as an American, he gave added impetus to the gradually healing wounds of a terrible time.
November 22, 1989 | Associated Press
Former President Ronald Reagan postponed a visit Tuesday to Loyola Marymount University, where students and others indicated they would protest his appearance. Reagan gave as an official reason his sympathy with the Jesuit community, which is mourning the killing of six priests in El Salvador last week. Several people called the Jesuit-operated university to protest Reagan's visit, according to David Herbst, a student and chairman of the speakers program.
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