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Reagan S Visit

April 26, 1985
Reagan's attempt to reclassify German soldiers buried at Bitburg as "victims of Nazism" is a fiction that will not wash! It is even an embarrassment to the generation of postwar Germans who know better. Let us remember that Nazism was exorcised not by conscience but by military defeat and that 95% of all Germans idolized Hitler to the very end--they just never forgave him for losing the war! I know--I was there. Reagan was not. INGRID SIMMEL Auschwitz, 1943-44 Mauthausen, 1945 Culver City
November 22, 1989 | Associated Press
Former President Ronald Reagan postponed a visit Tuesday to Loyola Marymount University, where students and others indicated they would protest his appearance. Reagan gave as an official reason his sympathy with the Jesuit community, which is mourning the killing of six priests in El Salvador last week. Several people called the Jesuit-operated university to protest Reagan's visit, according to David Herbst, a student and chairman of the speakers program.
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