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Real Enemy

February 5, 1994 | From Associated Press
Hillary Rodham Clinton sought to put the Administration's health care plan back on track Friday, naming insurance companies and the status quo as the "real enemy" and making no mention of a rival plan gaining steam in Congress. "Today's health care system is rigged against families and small businesses--the insurance companies are in charge. They pick and choose whom they cover at what cost and for how long," Mrs.
August 16, 2009
Re "Budd Schulberg's heroism," Opinion, Aug. 12 Thank heaven Budd Schulberg was just about the last of the big-time turncoats to have informed on friends and colleagues, as every time one of them dies an apologist like John Meroney makes excuses for the anti-communist witch hunts. Meroney tries to justify Schulberg's actions by writing he did not believe that membership in the party should be a secret. Believe it or not, Communist Party membership was legal then, as it is now; to insist, as Schulberg apparently did, that political affiliation and the secret ballot do not extend beyond the rolls of the Republican or Democratic parties is an affront to the principles on which this nation was founded.
January 31, 1993
I was hopeful about the Omega Boys Club until I came across Jacqua's statements that the real enemy of young black gangsters and drug dealers is "the system of rich folks who put you here (prison) and put drugs in your community. The elimination of the black male is a plan which is part of the fabric of American society." How simplistic and convenient to rattle off a paranoid conspiracy theory that absolves personal responsibility. And how sad as well. Such statements can only perpetuate violence and despair.
January 4, 2009 | Yossi Klein Halevi and Michael B. Oren, Yossi Klein Halevi is a senior fellow at the Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies of the Shalem Center in Jerusalem. Michael B. Oren is a distinguished fellow at the Shalem Center and a professor at the foreign service school of Georgetown University.
The images from the fighting in Gaza are harrowing but ultimately deceptive. They portray a mighty invading army, one equipped with F-16 jets that have bombed a civilian population defended by a few thousand fighters armed with primitive rockets. But widen the lens and the true nature of this conflict emerges. Hamas, like Hezbollah in Lebanon, is a proxy for the real enemy Israel is confronting: Iran.
September 14, 1986
"AIDS: 1991" (by Neil R. Schram, Aug. 10) was certainly the most powerful, frank and thought-provoking article I have read regarding this terrible health crisis. Many of the predictions will become reality if we continue down this path of ignorance by not making enough resources available for research, education and health care. In my opinion, AIDS research should be as high a priority as the so-called defense budget. Our real enemy right now is AIDS, not Russia. Andrew Exler Los Angeles
November 13, 1989
I am outraged by the news item "Army Says Shooting of Cats for Research Won't Be Halted" (Part A, Nov. 2). If the Army can't find anything better to do than to conduct "research" by shooting innocent, helpless animals in experiments that qualified doctors deem worthless and unnecessary, then this country is in very serious trouble. From the perspective of a concerned citizen, it would appear that a far better use of the Army's time and the taxpayers' money would be to research ways to apprehend drug dealers and put a stop to their trade.
November 30, 1993
The transfer of Air Resources Board Chairwoman Jananne Sharpless (Nov. 18) may be prompted by the oil and auto interests. However, the real enemy against clean air is us, the consumers. We are not willing to pay for electric cars. We are not satisfied with the technology that is available, and we are not willing to let electric vehicles cramp our lifestyle. In short, we are not ready and willing to jump on the electric vehicle bandwagon. Legislators and regulators must now reconcile with this issue, either bowing to market pressure and adjusting the goal for mandatory electric vehicles, or bully-pulpiting the public to change their willingness to pay. PHILIP LO Diamond Bar
August 3, 1987
I know what it like to be in a free country and have communists take it over. I am from Ethiopia and my family there were landowners. And since it seems to me that too many of you native born Americans think of communists as only a name that you read about or hear about, I will tell you that they are the real enemy to freedom. The communists came to my father, as they did to all landowners, and gave him two choices: my father could simply give them our land, or they would kill him and take the land.
October 13, 1991
In reading your editorial on the squeezing of the middle class, you conveniently forget to mention the real reason why the middle class is under siege. This blunder on your part is understandable since your editorial policy is biased toward ever-increasing big government. The real squeeze comes from the oppressive personal taxation in this state, together with the over-regulation and bleeding of business through mandated costs, i.e., worker's compensation, health insurance, etc. It is obvious that in this society and especially in this anti-business state, the real enemy of all people, especially the middle class, is ever-expanding big government.
June 16, 1989
Another fallout or residue of the Reagan legacy made print on the front page of The Times ("U.S. Seeks to End Contras' Base in Miami, Rebels Say," June 8) showing how our past President wasted taxpayer money in pursuit of his "dirty little war in Nicaragua." The story reveals how a small group of Contra leaders now refuse to return to their homeland to participate in efforts to ensure democratic elections, preferring, in the words of a Bush Administration official, to live "the easy life in exile" in Miami.
March 27, 2004 | From Reuters
Internet portals must both compete and cooperate if they are to take advertising revenues away from more established media, including television, Yahoo Inc. Chief Executive Terry Semel said Friday. Both Yahoo, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., and Microsoft Corp.'s Internet unit, MSN, which uses Yahoo's Web search and search-based advertising services, are hoping to gain a bigger share of large companies' advertising budgets.
November 21, 2003
Re "Mass. High Court Backs Gay Marriage," Nov. 19: I applaud the foresight of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's ruling ordering the Massachusetts Legislature to amend that state's statutes to accommodate same-sex marriages. What terrifies me is that we are poised for some very ugly times ahead. Scouring the television airwaves this morning I heard anti-same-sex marriage "personalities," at different levels of shrillness, refer to the concept of same-sex marriage as being as abhorrent as the concept of slavery.
March 30, 2003 | Doyle McManus, Times Staff Writer
As President Bush and his aides dig in for a longer war than first hoped for, they face a sobering prospect: Longer and tougher combat will create a ripple effect of problems stretching from the battlefield to the rest of the world -- including the home front. A worst-case scenario of brutal, drawn-out urban warfare in Baghdad would not only cost the lives of many more U.S.
March 25, 2003 | Geoffrey Mohan, Times Staff Writer
At age 19, Spc. Jamie Gandy had been full of youthful bravado as he rode into the heartland of Iraq. After months of waiting in Kuwait, he was ready and eager to bring the battle to Saddam Hussein. By Monday, he had learned a lesson that is taught to every generation of soldier: Bravado will get you only so far. "I feel we're actually facing a real enemy now," said Gandy, of Adel, Ga.
December 20, 2001
It is incomprehensible to me that Gen. Tommy Franks, commanding officer of our Afghanistan campaign, spends most of his time in luxurious quarters in Florida while Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is touring Afghanistan and the enemy sneaks off into the night ("Brawn in Afghanistan, Brainpower in Florida," Dec. 17). Perhaps we might have caught at least one Taliban or Al Qaeda leader if we had a hands-on leadership actually located in the battleground area. What a concept! And the tiny U.S. presence on the ground practically guaranteed failure.
Billy Hunter goes hard after the league instead of the Warriors. I don't think he is worried about the Warriors firing Sprewell at all. You want to know why? Hunter doesn't want to go into court and find out that not only does this morals clause in a player's contract give the team the right to fire a player for assault, it gives a team even more latitude than that. For lesser crimes than this. So they are going after Stern and the league here, and that is why this is a case for our times.
December 22, 1986
It occurred to me on Dec. 12 we were squandering 500 acres of precious national forest that the tragi-comedy of man's inhumanity to himself never seems to lose its momentum. The purpose of the fire at Los Angeles National Forest was to analyze the apocalyptic theory of nuclear winter. Who honestly cares what will be the precise degree of destruction to our planet if we decide to incinerate it with nuclear weapons? Is it not sufficient to know that the resulting damage from a nuclear war, limited or not, will destroy all life as we know it?
November 21, 1996
Re "Alger Hiss, Key to Cold War Spy Controversy, Dies at 92," Nov. 16: Alger Hiss acquitted himself in life rather well. He bore adversity well. While contentious about his innocence, he was not a bitter man. The case did not destroy him. But then Hiss was not a destroyer himself. The same cannot be said of many of his accusers. Some of them proved such spectacular destroyers that they did not even stop when it came to themselves. The crime of Hiss, if it did occur, was probably a naive and misguided "internationalism"--commonplace in this country in the 1930s.
August 8, 1997
A rabbi refuses burial to a 15-year-old boy, who had come to the land of Canaan in search of his roots only to find a terrorist bomb, because his maternal grandfather married a "non-Jew." A priest stolidly refuses burial to the same boy as he is about to be interred, because of his own insistence, against the family's wishes, that he intone his Christian prayers over the coffin. The Israelis are weeping and wailing, blaming Yasser Arafat and the Muslims for all their woes. The Palestinians are doing the same, calling the Jews their enemies, the source of all their misery.
January 30, 1997 | BILL BOYARSKY
A six-block stretch of Inglewood, directly under the approach to Los Angeles International Airport, is prisoner to drugs, guns and a gang that authorities say is supported by both of those evils. America's virtually free market in handguns gives the Crenshaw Mafia Gang, a subgroup of the Bloods, its deadly power, according to police. And the drug trade, investigators say, provides it revenue--enough money, in fact, for the gang to help produce a rap video portraying the members' violent lives.
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