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Realnames Corp

May 14, 2002 | Bloomberg News
RealNames Corp. is shutting its alternative naming system for the Internet after Microsoft Corp. decided to stop incorporating the system in its Internet Explorer browsers. The decision means that users who had reached certain Web sites through shortcuts from RealNames would need to type in the full address or use a search engine. Users who had typed in Chinese or Japanese addresses may find their sites unreachable.
October 7, 1999 | Times Wire Services Inc. and shareholders of the online guide company filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to sell 3.5 million shares. stock fell $6.13 to close at $53.88 on Nasdaq. . . . Going against the tide on Wall Street, Bear Stearns Cos. Chairman Alan "Ace" Greenberg said he sees no need for the securities industry to trade on a 24-hour basis, adding that his firm has no plans to introduce online trading for its own customers. "It would bust us," he said.
April 7, 2008 | Alana Semuels and Michelle Quinn, Times Staff Writers
In recent months, some start-up technology companies have died or gone into comas after running out of money, a possible early sign that the resurgence in venture investment may be coming to an end. File123 is counting its days. Edgeio was edged out. TripUp has fallen. BrightSpot went dark. Firebrand flamed out and Ezmo is no more. Industry analysts say this year will bring a big wave of start-up deaths as the credit crisis gripping the financial markets makes investors cautious in other areas.
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