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October 26, 1992
Phoenix House has not attempted to work with "reasonable" neighbors in Lake View Terrace, as a recent letter writer stated. Judging by their outstanding lack of communication with the other approximately 3,485 out of 3,500 households in Lake View Terrace, it must be assumed that the Phoenix House definition of reasonable is "pliant" or "naive," rather than "having the faculty of reason" as defined by Webster's Dictionary. The neighbors surrounding the hospital--indeed, throughout the Northeast Valley--have merely questioned whether it is sound judgment to place this facility of 150 adolescents within 50 feet of single-family homes, and wished to have the potential impacts articulated.
April 26, 2014 | By Robyn Dixon
 When a small group of Nigerian Islamist militants attacked two police stations and killed an officer, government security forces moved in swiftly, announcing they had "crushed" the revolt. Ten months later, the militants attacked two more stations, slaying four officers. This time Nigerian security forces killed dozens of fighters, and the state police commissioner announced that it was just "a matter of hours before [all] the militants will be flushed out. " More than a decade later, that hasn't happened.
March 15, 2001
If it's reasonable to require high school seniors to pass an exit exam, isn't it reasonable to require eighth-graders to pass an entrance exam? JAY CROSBY Oxnard
April 23, 2014 | By Bill Shaikin
The number that matters most is not 500. The number that matters most is 0. That is the number of major league players that have hit more home runs this season than Albert Pujols. He got a mighty sweet serenade in the visiting clubhouse in Washington on Tuesday night after he hit his 500th home run. But the Angels are not paying him a quarter-billion dollars for reminders of how great he was when he played for the St. Louis Cardinals. INTERACTIVE: Compare salaries on Angels, Nationals If that really is the classic Pujols back at-bat, that would be a big swing toward an October different from the last two, when he and the Angels stayed home and the Pujols-less Cardinals advanced deep into the playoffs.
February 16, 1999
After watching the arguments in the Senate as to how to behave, I am forced to conclude that "bipartisan" means: Be reasonable, do it my way. ROBERT F. FALLER West Covina
April 26, 1992
Newkirk's methods are controversial but effective. Sometimes drastic measures are necessary to create reasonable change. BOB AND RAE LYON RADABAUGH Burbank
June 7, 1990
Oh why! Oh why would we want to spend good money to go to other planets and to study the stars. We have too many chores to do here at home! Global warming, poverty, pollution, crime, drugs, it never ends. How could a reasonable person decide to go to Mars? How could a reasonable person decide to have a baby? But people do want children, and people do want to explore. Despite the drawbacks, we must carry these burdens. I guess we're only human! EDWIN HOLLOWELL Lawndale
March 5, 2000
Re "Transit Needs: Unmet," Ventura County editorial, Feb. 20. I think there is a world of legitimate, reasonable unmet transit needs out there, just waiting to be met, and would urge the Ventura County Transportation Commission to allocate, from this year onward, every single penny of its available transit money to transit. None of the money earmarked for transit should continue to be diverted to roads. This is not because roads are unnecessary, but because there is more to society's needs for mobility than just roads and cars.
August 21, 1994
Other readers have recommended tours of Ketchikan, Alaska, conducted by Lois Munch, driving her 1955 reconditioned Chevy. She conducted a tour for us last month, and it couldn't have been better. With Lois it is not a "canned tour," it is your tour. And, it seemed to us, her prices were very reasonable. GLEN & CARYL PETTIT La Canada
July 16, 1989
The following is from a letter I wrote to Roxani Gillespie after reading "Who is Roxani Gillespie?" by Bella Stumbo (June 4): Don't misjudge us. We're not "pussycats," to use your very condescending term for consumer advocates. We want fair rates for services rendered and are willing to pay reasonable costs for reasonable coverage. But we don't want to be gouged, and we believe that an industry that can spend $85 million dollars to defeat a popular initiative has a very large financial cushion with which to provide the rollbacks that have now been mandated.
April 20, 2014 | By Donie Vanitzian
Question: Our homeowner association's president explained to our board how the budget process actually works. She said: "You start by working out how much you can get out of the homeowners, then you go to the Budget and Reserve Study to figure out how to get that result. The reserve study company will work with us by doing a couple of go-arounds to get us to the result we want. " Am I being naive to think the job of a reserve study company is to come up with realistic numbers, instead of numbers that fit the board's agenda?
April 18, 2014 | Wire reports
Joakim Noah was excused from Chicago Bulls practice Friday for personal reasons. Coach Tom Thibodeau said that Noah was in New York for bereavement. The Bulls are hopeful Noah will be back Saturday and that he will play Sunday in Game 1 of the Bulls' first-round series against the Washington Wizards. The All-Star center has been granted an open-ended absence to deal with the personal matter. The Chicago Tribune reported that sources emphasized that Noah isn't experiencing any physical setbacks and that the personal matter is an off-the-court situation.
April 18, 2014 | By Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times Television Critic
Humans are hard-wired to seek symmetry, and nowhere is that more obvious than on TV. From the days of "The Honeymooners" onward, most everything there boils down to pairs. In recent years these have come in three basic varieties: romance, bromance and BFFs. Two people forced to work/live/parent together battle their way through their differences until they become best buddies. A man and a woman bicker and bait each other until they fall in love. Friendships of youth are tested by the twists of time and maturity but invariably prove unbreakable.
April 11, 2014 | By danah boyd
If you're like most middle-class parents, you've probably gotten annoyed with your daughter for constantly checking her Instagram feed or with your son for his two-thumbed texting at the dinner table. But before you rage against technology and start unfavorably comparing your children's lives to your less-wired childhood, ask yourself this: Do you let your 10-year-old roam the neighborhood on her bicycle as long as she's back by dinner? Are you comfortable, for hours at a time, not knowing your teenager's exact whereabouts?
April 7, 2014 | By Chris Dufresne
ARLINGTON, Texas - Kentucky freshman guard Aaron Harrison launched a last-seconds three-point shot Monday from the same spot he'd knocked two straight opponents out of the tournament. This time he didn't make it, though, and this time it didn't matter. Connecticut didn't just defeat Kentucky, 60-54, to win the NCAA title Monday night before a crowd of 79,238 at AT&T Stadium. BOX SCORE: Connecticut 60, Kentucky 54 Connecticut never trailed in the game, going wire to wire to cap a tournament run that was even more improbable than Kentucky's.
April 4, 2014 | By Soumya Karlamangla
California officials often cited the high demand for health insurance in explaining this week's last-minute surge for Obamacare. But some of the people who waited in line for hours this week said another big reason was to avoid paying the health law's penalty for being uninsured. Chris Roca, 23, waited in line for more than three hours to enroll in a health plan at a sign-up event in Panorama City. But he said he doesn't expect he'll get much use from his insurance. “I'm just happy I don't have to pay the penalty,” Roca said.
July 7, 1991
Hurry, hurry, I haven't got much time. Abortion should be a legal personal choice. A waiting period to purchase lethal weapons like guns is reasonable. It won't be too long until The Times will be restricted and can't exercise freedom of the press. The departure of Thurgood Marshall from the Supreme Court signifies the beginning of the end of the Age of Reason in America. STEVEN L. GERHARDT Redondo Beach
March 1, 1998
Your Jan. 25 article on Sayulita, Mexico ("It's No Puerto Vallarta") accurately described the charm of this small fishing village. Let's do hope it never becomes another Vallarta. You missed a bet, however, in not listing Tia Adriana's Bed and Breakfast (telephone 011-52-3-275-0192). We spent a week there several years ago. She has since added a second home. Rates are reasonable. LOIS DUNCAN Torrance LETTERS ANNEX: More letters to the editor appear today on L19.
April 2, 2014 | By Steve Dilbeck
Smile, what's the use of crying? You'll find that life is still worthwhile If you just smile Come now Dodgers fans, raise up that chinny-chin chin. Sure, the news coming out of the Dodgers' game Tuesday was of the dark variety. Two-time Cy Young winner and $215-million man Clayton Kershaw now looks out until May with a back injury, and it would be a shock to no one if it's not June. And even then, it might take a while before Kershaw is Kershaw. And it's a tad tough to be humming “Don't Worry Baby” over Brian Wilson's sudden elbow problem.
March 31, 2014 | By Julie Makinen
BEIJING - Crews continued searching for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the Indian Ocean west of Australia on Tuesday as authorities emphasized ramped-up efforts to determine what happened to the airliner that went missing March 8. Officials said an Australian military ship towing a pinger locator - which can scan the sea for the sounds of a beacon attached to the plane's flight data recorder - left port for the search zone Monday night. It was expected to arrive in the search area about 1,250 miles west of Perth, Australia, on Thursday.
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