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Refugees Greece

April 4, 1999
Humanitarian and military assistant to NATO effort in Yugoslavia as of the end of the week, as reported by NATO and the CIA. HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE Belgium Britain Items: Tents, blankets, funding Value*: $800,000 Beneficiary: Macedonia, Albania Canada Items: Funding, airlift assistance Value*: $8.
December 20, 1986 | From Times Wire Services
Greek and Turkish border patrols exchanged fire Friday, killing three soldiers, spokesmen for the two governments said. Greek government spokesman George Sefertzis said in Athens that a Greek soldier was killed and another wounded in fighting on the Evros River near Feres, a town about 250 miles northeast of Athens. Sefertzis said the skirmish took place as Iranian refugees crossed into Greece from Turkey illegally.
January 5, 1991 | From Times Wire Services
Scores more Albanian refugees fled to Greece from Europe's last Communist state Friday, braving the dangers of the heavily patrolled border and defying pleas from Athens to stay home. Greek officials said almost 200 refugees dodged Albanian border guards and sneaked across the frontier in overnight escapes. To flee from Albania, they must tunnel under a 13-foot security fence and cross an icy river.
July 13, 1990 | From Reuters
A flotilla of four ships brought thousands of jubilant Albanian dissidents to Italy today and a fifth vessel headed for France with asylum-seekers after a dramatic nighttime exodus from Europe's last Stalinist bastion. The refugees, who sheltered for more than a week in foreign embassies in the capital, Tirana, cheered "Italia, Italia," clapped and waved excitedly as their ships, flying the U.N. flag, reached Brindisi, an Italian port.
September 12, 1993 | MIM SWARTZ, Swartz is travel editor of the Rocky Mountain News in Denver
We all hear the sound at the same time and blurt out the same words in unison: "What was that?" That , it turns out, was the sound of an airplane taking off. We are near the makeshift airport that serves this ancient walled city on the Dalmatian Coast, in one of the prettiest parts of what used to be Yugoslavia, and it is logical, of course, to hear airplanes taking off and landing from here.
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