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Regency Club

The temporary closing of the Regency Club card casino--which Bell officials had expected to provide $955,000 to city coffers this year--has sent the city's finances into a tailspin. As many as 10 city employees will be laid off in the next 45 days and additional "highly visible" cuts will be made, city officials said last week.
September 20, 1987 | Betty Goodwin
Five members of the Regency Club talk about the advantages of conducting business and pleasure at the private dining club. LARRY THOMPSON, motion picture and television producer and personal manager: "It's the most un-Hollywood place in Los Angeles. You go to get done what you have to get done. People at the Polo Lounge talk about making deals, and people at the Regency Club make deals.
February 18, 1987 | Marylouise Oates
Forty years--and 40 names to light up the anniversary celebration. That's Cal State L.A.'s 40th anniversary--with a party honoring 40 friends and alums--and a little chance for a spotlight on a rapidly changing campus. Among the 40 honorees are Anna Bing Arnold, Supervisor Mike Antonovich, the Fifth Dimension's Florence LaRue, entrepreneur Lily Lee, executive Jack Attwood, contractor David Strauss and David and Susan Wilstein.
February 14, 1988 | COLMAN ANDREWS
When I did a tongue-in-cheek listing two weeks ago of key positions in the average contemporary "New American" restaurant, I neglected the latest important post: Consulting Chef or Chef Consultant.
During a year of bad publicity and grim budget cuts--and perhaps because of it--donors gave a record $472.3 million to the University of California in the year ending June 30, university officials reported Thursday. UC Irvine, up 13% this year, accounted for part of the jump. Donations to that campus totaled $24.9 million, compared to $21.9 million the year before.
April 16, 1989 | COLMAN ANDREWS
Mason's in Brentwood has not closed its doors, contrary to rumors and a report in the current issue of Los Angeles magazine. Management and administration of the restaurant have, however, been taken over by a new company, Hospitality Management Services--an offshoot of Kennard, Herbage & Associates, the Santa Ana-based architecture firm that designed the restaurant's interior. Robert Herbage, a Hospitality Management principal who said he's always felt a vested interest in Mason's, named Roger Mathys (formerly of A Fine Affair)
November 8, 1985 | HEIDI YORKSHIRE, Yorkshire is a Los Angeles free-lance writer. and
Nicole Tourtelot, 5, gave her mother, Susan, a lesson in good manners the other day. The Tourtelot family was having a simple dinner at home when Susan dropped her fork. Nicole knew exactly how to handle the situation. "You know, Mom," she advised, "if you drop your fork you don't pick it up. You wait for the waiter to pick it up and bring you a new one." Renewed Interest Nicole's sophistication, albeit slightly misplaced, wasn't learned at kindergarten.
January 15, 1989 | MARY LOU LOPER, Times Staff Writer
The invitations, with a string of three red hearts from the Colleagues, Saks Fifth Avenue and Adolfo, are out for "A Valentine Luncheon" honoring Nancy Reagan on Feb. 14 at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Special events chairman Erlenne Sprague and Colleagues president Marjory Miller have been all but polishing the silver to make sure this is a very red-letter date welcoming Mrs. Reagan, a Colleagues member, home. Adolfo is supposed to give a glorious item from his spring collection as the door prize.
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