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June 12, 2007 | Duke Helfand and Steve Hymon, Times Staff Writers
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa spoke publicly for the first time Monday about the breakup of his 20-year marriage, saying he was responsible for the split even as he refused to talk about what caused it. In a somber meeting with reporters at City Hall, Villaraigosa declined to answer questions about whether the break with his wife, Corina, was triggered by another romantic relationship.
March 20, 2014 | By Inkoo Kang
The steadily affecting relationship drama "Stay" is a great example of how a film can rise above its terrible dialogue. So many phrases out of characters' mouths are as overused and flavorless as a thrice-steeped tea bag, and yet a sturdy narrative structure, increasing thematic complexity and finely detailed performances from Aidan Quinn and Taylor Schilling make writer-director Wiebke von Carolsfeld's sophomore effort an agreeably pensive experience....
February 23, 2012 | By Shari Roan, Los Angeles Times / For the Booster Shots blog
The relationship status feature of Facebook appears to be central to the happiness - or not - of many romantic relationships among young people, according to new research. The study, appearing in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, surveyed 58 heterosexual couples -- most college-age -- who had been dating for an average of 19 months. The study showed that partners tended to be similar in how they used social media and the importance they placed on it. In 45 of the 58 couples, both partners reported being in a relationship on Facebook.
March 14, 2014 | By Barbara Isenberg
CHICAGO - When London-born Anna Clyne was 7, friends of her parents gave her family a piano with randomly missing keys. Undeterred, Clyne not only played that piano but by age 11 had written a few little songs for herself and a flute-playing friend. She had fun doing it, she remembers, but "I never thought I would become a composer. " These days, there is no longer any doubt on her part or anyone else's. Her idiosyncratic music has been performed not only at Symphony Center in Chicago but also in Los Angeles' Walt Disney Concert Hall, New York's Carnegie Hall and London's Barbican Centre.
April 6, 2012 | By Melissa Rohlin
Arkansas Coach Bobby Petrino was placed on leave after it was discovered that he had a 25-year-old woman on his motorcycle when he crashed Sunday. Petrino acknowledged that he had a "previous inappropriate relationship" with the passenger, Jessica Dorrell, who was was hired last month as the student-athlete development coordinator for football. Through a statement released by university officials, Petrino had initially claimed that he was alone when he had crashed. Petrino is married and has four children.
April 12, 2009 | T.J. SIMERS
You probably know the macho Russell Martin, the Dodgers' catcher who made it sound as if he could work every game and, sure, bring on the doubleheaders. But right now the tough guy is sitting in Starbucks, sipping green tea, talking yoga, the last chick flick he's seen, "He's Just Not That Into You," he says, and "not bad," while also making a note to himself, the scruffy beard must go.
June 12, 2013 | By Joseph Serna
A former Simi Valley elementary school teacher was due in court Wednesday on charges she had an unlawful relationship with a student. Malia Brooks, 32, who worked at Garden Grove Elementary, was arrested by Simi Valley police Tuesday on suspicion of having a sexual relationship with a child under 14 years old, KTLA reported. She was being held in lieu of $2-million bail and was scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday morning, Ventura County Sheriff's Department records show. Officials with the Simi Valley Unified School District alerted police in February, telling authorities the relationship between the student and Brooks had been going on for four months, the Ventura County Star reported.
November 9, 2012 | By Melissa Rohlin
After Lakers Coach Mike Brown was fired Friday, Kobe Bryant took to Facebook to voice his support for his former coach. "Tough day," Bryant wrote. "I've seen coaches as well as friends come and go. No matter how many years I've been playing, it's still hard to deal with. "I had a good relationship with Mike and I will continue to have one. I wish him and his family nothing but the best. I spoke with him today and thanked him for all of his hard work and sacrifice. "As a team, we must focus our energy on tonight's game.
May 30, 2009 | T.J. SIMERS
Now that Phil and I have bonded, we still have a few wrinkles to work out -- beginning with who gets the credit when we win it all. When asked about maybe collecting a 10th championship ring as NBA coach after we had dismantled the Nuggets, Phil shifted the talk to our very own players, and said, "It's really about them." Hooray for our guys.
June 27, 2013 | By Rene Lynch
QVC has announced it will "pause" its relationship with Paula Deen, marking the latest in a series of brands that have sought to distance themselves from the Southern chef in the wake of an uproar over her alleged use of the N-word. And QVC fans -- at least the ones taking to the company's website -- are furious.  QVC President and CEO Mike George posted an open letter on the company blog to address the many calls, emails, letters and comments received both for and against Deen.
March 7, 2014 | By Dawn C. Chmielewski and Yvonne Villarreal
In Syfy's reality competition "Opposite Worlds," Twitter put unprecedented power in the hands of viewers, supplying them with the ability to reward popular contestants with a luxurious spa day while punishing others with a less savory task: cleaning human excrement. The little blue birdie has fluttered into the writers room on Fox's "Sleepy Hollow," inspiring one episode to address viewers' dismay, voiced loudly on Twitter, over the central character's Revolutionary War era attire.
March 6, 2014 | By Helene Elliott
  When Corey Perry extended his hand to Stephane Robidas on Thursday, for once it wasn't in anger. The combative players have gotten under each other's skin frequently over the years, but they put their hostilities aside when the Ducks acquired Robidas from Dallas this week. "He came and shook my hand and it's all good," Robidas said after his first practice with his new team. "He's a competitor. He's a great player. And playing against him, you've always got to watch him. It's not easy to play against him. I'm just happy that I don't have to watch him anymore.
March 6, 2014 | By David Zucchino, This post has been updated, as indicated below.
FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair, one of the highest-ranking officers ever to face a court-martial, pleaded guilty at the start of his trial Thursday morning to several charges, including an illicit affair with a female captain, possessing pornography, impeding an investigation and pressuring other female officers to send him nude photos of themselves. The general  pleaded not guilty to the most serious charges against him. They include twice forcing the captain to perform oral sex, groping her, committing sodomy, engaging in public sex and threatening to kill the captain and her family if she revealed their three-year affair.
February 16, 2014 | By Christi Parsons
RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. - President Obama warned Sunday that a harsh new anti-gay law in Uganda would “complicate our valued relationship” with the east African country, which receives hundreds of millions of dollars a year in U.S. aid. In a last-ditch effort to derail the measure, national security advisor Susan Rice called Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni over the weekend and urged him not to sign the measure. The law includes a provision of life in prison for “aggravated homosexuality.” But amid news reports that Museveni was intent on pressing forward, Obama said Sunday that the move would be “a step backward for all Ugandans” and would reflect poorly on the country's commitment to protecting the human rights of its people.
February 16, 2014 | By Kurt Streeter
Officers Keith Linton and Otis Swift stopped their patrol car, rolled down a window and motioned to a hoodie-wearing teenager. In this part of South L.A., such encounters can be tense - or worse. "Hey, Linton. Hey, Swift," the teen said. "How y'all doing?" "Doing good, my man," Linton replied, launching into a conversation about basketball. Similar scenes played out all afternoon as the cops worked their beat in Jordan Downs, a housing project in Watts with a violent reputation and a history of ill will between residents and police.
February 14, 2014 | By Kerry Cavanaugh
Lately, some of my colleagues have bemoaned the lack of romance in popular culture and the decline of the beloved romantic comedy, which miraculously managed to capture the essence of love, loss and happily-ever-after in less than two hours. “After a million movies and a thousand love songs, the romance once abundant in pop culture seems to have just stopped,” Times columnist Chris Erskine wrote . And my colleague Alexandra Le Tellier wrote about how RomComs “are escapist fantasies full of optimism and hope,” and we need “more love stories and happily-ever-afters to rouse our sense of optimism.” There's another, scientific reason for Hollywood to bring back the RomCom: Watching such a movie with your partner and talking about it can actually strengthen your relationship.
October 22, 2013 | By David Zahniser
Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar on Tuesday called his extramarital relationship with a former staffer a "huge mistake," but said he expects voters will judge him on his accomplishments in the district he represents. Huizar discussed the relationship after attending his first council meeting since he was named in a sexual harassment lawsuit by his former deputy chief of staff, Francine Godoy. He made his remarks on the same day as the kickoff event for his March 2015 reelection campaign.
Craig Lucas' "Blue Window" is a subtle, complex play that says more on later examination than it suggests on initial viewing. On the surface, it seems like yet another version of "Return of the Secaucus 7" and "The Big Chill": Several people, some of them couples, seek an elusive intimacy in a gathering at one person's home. While these movies deal primarily with why people want connection, this play maps out the oft-fought battle between the desire for intimacy and the fear of it.
February 13, 2014 | By Michael Ordoña
Spike Jonze's idiosyncratic risk-taking has been rewarded with broad acclaim throughout his career, including two Directors Guild of America nods and four Oscar nominations (three this year alone for "Her"). Still, he's not immune to doubt. "To be honest, in editing, there's always periods where I feel like the movie is never gonna work," he says. "'It's a noble idea, but ultimately a flawed idea.' Usually it'll go away after a week or so and I'll be excited about the movie again.
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