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Religious Beliefs

July 29, 1990
In the state of California and in most of the other states, a woman has a right to an abortion. Lawyers must know what the law is and must let their alleged intellect dominate any religious beliefs. Rose Cumare should immediately resign from the legal profession and not just from the bar association. She, and other women lawyers with similar 15th-Century beliefs, should retire to a nunnery and their male counterparts to a monastery. GERALD WINSTON Marina del Rey
July 24, 1992
Neuhaus would have us believe there is something un-American about keeping private one's own religious beliefs and practices. Nothing could be further from the truth. By asserting that the Supreme Court's recent decision in Lee vs. Weisman is "anti-democratic," Neuhaus seems oblivious to the fact that the United States is a constitutional democracy. The genius of the First Amendment is precisely that it imposes a powerful check upon unbridled majoritarianism. The very essence of our nation's unique contribution to civilization is that "the great majority of Americans" cannot ride roughshod over the rights of racial, ethnic, political, religious or other minorities.
January 15, 2000 | Religion News Service
A North Carolina high school teacher is fighting her suspension after telling administrators that she practices a pagan religion associated with witchcraft. Shari Eicher, who teaches 11th-grade English at Scotland High School in Laurinburg, said she was escorted off campus by officials of the school and suspended with pay indefinitely Monday because of her religious beliefs.
December 8, 2012
Re "Judges put new therapy law in limbo," Dec. 5 U.S. District Judge William Shubb and psychologist Joseph Nicolosi have confused the right to express an opinion with the duty to do one's job. It is one thing to have a personal opinion; it is another thing to impose that opinion on people who pay you for a service. The opinion that "conversion therapy" for homosexuals works is just that - an opinion; it is not factual. There is no serious evidence to support the practice, only wishful thinking and personal or religious beliefs.
March 31, 2007
Re "Where faith and work collide," March 27 I find it ironic that people in Minnesota are up in arms about Muslims refusing to do parts of their jobs because of religious beliefs. Why weren't they up in arms when Christians refused to do parts of their jobs, such as filling prescriptions? TERRY ROBBINS Palm Desert The Somalis have fled to the United States for better lives. Well, let them get better lives and assimilate into the culture of their adopted country.
July 4, 2005 | Kevin W. McCullough, Times Staff Writer
Religion is the "unmovable foundation" on which Dr. James Keany bases his practice of medicine. He sometimes stops and prays with a patient coping with tragedy or life-changing illness, and he prays silently for many more. "Patients are more than just an accumulation of lab tests and data. They are a living, breathing, feeling, spiritual entity," the Mission Viejo doctor said. Praying with his patients doesn't cure their illnesses, he added, but it helps comfort them in a difficult time.
July 22, 1986 | United Press International
A lawyer for Tennessee school officials said Monday that some people's religious beliefs are so "sweeping" that the only place for their children to be taught is at home or in private religious schools. Timothy Dyk told U.S. District Judge Thomas Hull that a suit by fundamentalist parents challenging the 1983 Holt Basic Readers as "anti-Christian" had far greater ramifications. "This is a case about a whole curriculum," Dyk said.
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