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Renaissance Era

July 16, 2010 | By Booth Moore, Los Angeles Times Fashion Critic
In the last few years, fashion designers have been invading the hotel industry. "Hotel companies and guests have become conscious of design," says hospitality industry analyst Bruce Baltin, from L.A.-based Colliers PKF Consulting USA. "Also, it is another avenue for designers to expose their styles to consumers." This spring, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the luxury conglomerate with more than 50 brands including Louis Vuitton, Emilio Pucci and Givenchy, threw its monogrammed hat into the ring, announcing plans to develop luxury hotels.
August 2, 2009 | Bob Drogin
The first comprehensive effort to identify and catalog every species in the world's oceans, from microbes to blue whales, is a year from completion. But early discoveries have profoundly altered understanding of life beneath the sea, senior scientists say. New tracking tools, for example, show that some bluefin tuna migrate between Los Angeles and Yokohama, Japan; one tagged tuna crossed the Pacific three times in a year.
May 29, 1988 | LAURIE OCHOA
C arpaccio is hot. Well, actually it's cold; but the smooth, cool, paper-thin slices of the finest raw beef, slick with extra-virgin olive oil, have found their way onto menus from Spago to Rex and nearly every restaurant on Melrose. It's become so trendy that Marie Callendar's feels compelled to sling mudpies at the dish in ads that proclaim, "We can't pronounce carpaccio either." Blame it on the contessa . . . Contessa Amalia Nani Moceniego, that is.
June 22, 2008 | Reed Johnson, Times Staff Writer
Pedro MAIRAL isn't your old college literature professor's idea of an Argentine novelist. Laid-back and casually attired, the 37-year-old writer first made his mark with "Una noche con Sabrina Love" (A Night With Sabrina Love), the cyber-picaresque tale of a spirited 18-year-old boy whose fantasies get upended by fact after winning a night with the porn star of his dreams. An online adventurer himself, Mairal operates his own blog and adopts various online personas, including women.
The pool hall--that enduring piece of Americana--has undergone a metamorphosis at The Shark Club. Look elsewhere for dingy back rooms, cigar-smoking gamblers, and sleepy-eyed hustlers--the trappings that can give pool halls a sleazy reputation. This is pool for a new generation complete with valet parking, dance music and a 2,000-gallon shark tank.
December 13, 1997 | STEVE HARVEY
Rose Parade Princess Leslie Marrero has an unusual driving record. While making appearances as a princess, she has piloted a yacht and a blimp, the Muir High senior told the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Assn. Now for the unusual part. You won't see her behind the wheel of a car. She doesn't have a driver's license yet.
June 2, 1993 | DEBRA CANO
The Whitaker-Jaynes house and the Bacon house are the last standing relics that tell about Buena Park's past. Dean Dixon, a trustee of the Buena Park Historical Society, calls these homes, built in the mid- to late 1800s, "the last of the Mohicans." Dixon said it makes him "nervous" that the city owns the homes and property. The homes "are vulnerable to any decisions that the city would want to make," he said.
When comedian Robin Harris died of a heart attack two years ago at age 36, he left behind a CD recording of a live performance in which he played himself, stuck with taking some obstreperous youngsters to an amusement park. Harris' "Bebe's Kids" (citywide), based on that tale, has now become the first animated theatrical feature with exclusively African-American characters as principals.
July 10, 2006 | Tracy Wilkinson, Times Staff Writer
There are rare moments when Italy rises above regional differences and comes together as a country. It certainly doesn't happen in politics; maybe it happens briefly when an Italian soldier is killed in an overseas mission. It is soccer, and perhaps soccer alone, that can unite the nation in unbridled euphoria, make grown men cry, sane women squeal and immerse an entire national population in wild jubilation.
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