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Justin Winn found his home pool--and diving boards--to his liking Thursday afternoon. The Cerritos Valley Christian freshman, who competes for the L'Equipe Diving Club of Irvine, improved as the meet went on and out-dueled Anand Samanta of St. Margaret's to win the Southern Section Division III boys' diving championship at Heritage Park.
A state appellate court has thrown out the 12-year sentence of a drunk driver who killed an engineer in a traffic accident, saying that the driver's eight previous drunk driving convictions make him eligible for up to life in prison. "We're pleased with the ruling, and we expect the case to go back to court in about a month," said Sandi Gibbons of the Los Angeles County district attorney's office. Johnny Castro, 39, killed Mahdad Koosh in a January 1998 accident on the Golden State Freeway.
April 27, 2007 | From the Associated Press
Marilee Jones, a prominent crusader against the pressure on students to build their resumes for elite colleges, resigned Thursday as dean of admissions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after acknowledging she had misrepresented her academic credentials. Jones has been a popular speaker on the college admissions circuit, where she urged parents not to press their kids too hard and told students there were more important things than getting into the most prestigious colleges.
May 1, 1988 | PADDY CALISTRO
THE WORDS makeup and science aren't usually linked, but recently a "science" involving the selection of color has emerged. The new pre-coordinated makeup "systems" are aimed at assuring women that the shades they purchase are ones they will actually wear, not stash away in a drawer because the colors don't suit their complexions. The idea of a scientific approach to makeup is already one of the most talked-about notions in the cosmetics industry.
There must be a recession--even Bill Gates is cutting back. And he's not alone. The super-rich are becoming much more frugal with their charitable giving. The 10 largest single gifts to charity in 2001 totaled $4.6 billion, down nearly 60% from $11.08 billion the previous year. Gates, the chairman of Microsoft Corp., retained the top spot on the list of large individual gifts compiled by the Chronicle of Philanthropy.
March 25, 2014
Dave Brockie Frontman for heavy metal GWAR Dave Brockie, 50, who as "Oderus Urungus" fronted the alien-costumed heavy metal band GWAR during graphic and fake-blood-soaked stage shows for more than three decades, was found dead Sunday evening at his home in Richmond, Va. Detectives currently don't suspect foul play, according to Richmond police spokeswoman Dionne Waugh, and the medical examiner's office will determine cause of...
April 19, 2007 | From the Associated Press
Chauncey Starr, an internationally known nuclear energy consultant who worked with physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer during World War II and later became a dean at UCLA, has died. He was 95. Starr, who still worked six days a week, died Tuesday at his home in Atherton, Calif. His heart stopped beating during a morning nap before heading into the office, said Clay Perry, a spokesman for the Electric Power Research Institute, which Starr founded in 1972.
November 8, 2002 | From Associated Press
Electric razors that had been rigged with explosives blew up in the faces of two men, wounding both, authorities said Thursday. Federal and local investigators urged shoppers to be careful when buying electric razors, and to call authorities if they see a razor left in a public place. "There is a very strong possibility that there are other razors out there," Sheriff Dan Keating said. Keating added that the razors had been similarly rigged.
November 12, 1989 | CHARLES HILLINGER'S
Among America's more than 250,000 model railroaders, John Nehrich is a living legend. When he graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1972, he gave up a career as a chemist to devote his life to a model railroad layout in the basement of a college dorm. He spends at least 60 hours a week working on the massive layout that he and RPI students painstakingly have put together over the last two decades.
March 11, 2012 | By José Holguín-Veras
I am an engineer and a disaster researcher; I went to Japan after the March 11, 2011, magnitude 9.0 Tohoku earthquake to try to identify lessons there that could benefit future disaster-response operations. In late May, I was following the usual research routine of interviewing individuals involved at the various stages of the disaster response, and particularly those involved in the distribution of critical supplies as part of the relief effort. FOR THE RECORD: Tsunami: In a March 11 Op-Ed about a 1,000-year-old story that saved lives after the Tohoku earthquake, the last name of a Japanese engineer was misspelled.
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