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September 15, 1985
Thank you for alerting us that it is unnecessary to buy supplemental liability insurance on rental cars, thus saving us $9.50 a day on our Pleasant Hawaiian Holiday on Maui. Other information that may interest readers is the additional $10.50 a day fee for an air-conditioned car. Our tour voucher stated that we were to have a Class A rental car "free" in our package. A Class A car is not air-conditioned and we had to pay additional to get one. By being aware of these facts, your readers will save nearly $20 a day on supposedly free car rentals.
August 13, 1995
I noticed a few major oversights in the Aug. 8 article ("Sell, Rent or Stay? Homeowners Losing Equity Try to Plug the Gap") about whether a homeowner should convert a personal residence into a rental when the homeowner will take a loss. As many people are aware, the loss from the sale of a personal residence is not deductible for federal or California state income tax purposes. By converting the personal property to a business property, via a rental, the loss becomes fully deductible in the year of sale.
January 13, 2002
I take exception to your article "Air Tickets' Base Price Is Just Part of the Fare" (Travel Insider, Jan. 6). You make it sound as though the airlines are the only ones that charge fees and taxes on top of their base price. Why are you picking on an industry that will have a multibillion-dollar loss for last year? I, for one, will be glad to pay an extra $10 per round trip for security. Let's not forget about cruise ships. The last cruise I sailed on, the taxes and fees were $139.75 per person.
November 29, 2009
Do you prefer the comfort of a vacation rental over a hotel room? Is your schedule flexible, and are you curious about different destinations? If you're nodding your head yes, bookmark What's hot: shows vacation rentals that are available this week or next. That's great, because other vacation rental sites make you dig into the property page and test various dates for availability. That can be very time-consuming. Sure, you have a smaller pool to choose from with this simple last-minute booking tool, but it feels more like an insider's short list than an empty database.
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