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September 9, 1988 | TERRY ATKINSON
There was a lot of media hoopla last week about a plan that will enable owners of home-satellite dishes to "rent" videos without going to the video store. Well, maybe not a lot of hoopla compared to something like the did-Dan Quayle-dodge-the-draft issue, but good news--or any news--about the beleaguered home-satellite industry is rare these days, and very welcome in the 2 million homes with one of those dishes sitting in the back yard.
Silver Lake firefighter Dane Jackson got a piece of sage advice from a captain in his first year on the job. It had nothing to do with putting out blazes. The advice was about real estate. "Buy property," the older man said. "Forget the boats and motorcycles other guys your age are buying." Jackson took that advice and went on to purchase several houses during the last 17 years. Half of his friends in the Los Angeles Fire Department also bought rental property, he estimates.
June 24, 1988 | S. J. DIAMOND
One would think the "collision damage waivers" in rental car contracts were insignificant--a few bucks here, a few there on top of the main charge. But years have been spent challenging this tangential fee, and state legislatures, insurance departments and attorneys general are now attacking it in various ways. Indeed, the National Assn.
September 23, 2002 | From Associated Press
In its latest move to generate revenue outside online advertising, Internet portal Yahoo Inc. is launching a rental service that allows users to download and play video games on demand. Unlike other Internet gaming sites, the Yahoo service offers well-known titles that run as if the CD-ROM were bought at a store and popped into the personal computer, said Daniel Hart, Yahoo's senior director of games and entertainment.
March 5, 1995
An alleged rent-skimming scheme under investigation by federal authorities has featured massive property transfers to people who have just filed for bankruptcy. Authorities say participants get deeds to properties in foreclosure by promising homeowners to make their loans current or renegotiate with the lender. Instead, the scammers allegedly rent the homes and delay foreclosure by putting fractional shares of the properties in the names of people in bankruptcy, or about to file.
July 29, 1993 | MARTIN MILLER
The City Council this week postponed a decision on the new rental policy for a popular community center after residents argued that it was still too lax. The council said it would reconsider the new policy for the Cypress Community Center after the Recreation and Community Services Commission reviews it. The commission is scheduled to discuss the proposal Aug. 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the center, 5700 Orange Ave.
April 28, 1992 | BOB ELSTON
The City Council has approved a law--the first of its kind in the county--that will mandate annual inspections of rental housing in two city neighborhoods. The inspections will be required at 80 rental housing properties and 348 units along the 300 and 400 blocks of both West Valencia Drive and West Avenue and along the 2300 block of West Baker Avenue.
January 17, 1997 | JEFF KASS
Just days after the grand opening of the city's new jail, the City Council on Tuesday will consider two proposals to boost city coffers by renting out vacant cells. One plan would allow the Orange County Probation Dept. to operate the city's 48-cell temporary jail, which is being vacated, and rent 64 spaces in the new city jail. All 112 spaces would be used for juveniles, Santa Ana jail administrator Russell M. Davis said. Officials said the proposal could bring the city as much as $1.
May 16, 1995 | HOPE HAMASHIGE
The Planning Commission on Wednesday will try to resolve a dispute between American Legion Post 783 and the owner of property that the organization wants to lease for its headquarters. Post 783 decided last summer that it could no longer afford the $9,700 monthly rent it was paying at a location on Beach Boulevard and began to search for less expensive space.
November 7, 1995 | SHELBY GRAD
A program that allows county library patrons to rent copies of best-selling books appears to be catching on. The rental system, which started five months ago, is also paying for itself, which County Librarian John M. Adams said was an objective of the program. "We are happy with it so far," he said. The county began purchasing extra copies of best sellers--from novels by Stephen King to Colin Powell's autobiography--in the hope that the program would generate revenue for the 27-branch system.
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