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Douglas Johnston knew he had a problem when he pushed down the accelerator of his 1976 Mercedes convertible one day about a month ago. "It's like half the cylinders weren't working," said Johnston, a Hermosa Beach resident. "The Fourth of July weekend was shot, because I was afraid to take it anywhere." At about the same time, Greg Wilson found that his high-performance 1989 Ford Taurus was losing power during his daily commute from his home in Huntington Beach to his job in Manhattan Beach.
December 13, 2002 | Monte Morin, Times Staff Writer
Lawyers at Consumer Enforcement Watch say they are fighting for countless Californians who have been ripped off by auto mechanics. The Santa Ana-based nonprofit group has sued nearly 2,000 garages for allegedly padding bills, using secondhand parts and failing to provide customers written estimates. But the auto repair industry insists it is being scammed by attorneys seeking big legal payouts for bogus claims.
July 13, 1994
Californians who have seen movies being filmed on location know well that things often are not what they appear to be. It's all for the sake of entertainment. Now there's official word about a pretense that's far from entertaining: Many California auto repair shops are faking it, at the expense of their customers. Significant problems of fraud and incompetence in auto body repair were documented in a report released Monday by the state Bureau of Automotive Repairs.
June 6, 2007 | Peter Nicholas, Times Staff Writer
The Schwarzenegger administration is facing questions about a flip-flop in which it barred a major insurance company from running an auto repair service, then reversed course and let the company operate the program after all. The issue was expected to come up today during a scheduled Senate confirmation hearing for one of the governor's political appointees: Sherry Mehl, head of the bureau that oversees the car repair industry.
September 11, 1993 | BARBARA MURPHY
The owner of a chain of auto transmission repair shops that once operated in Ventura County agreed Friday to pay $50,000 to settle a lawsuit by the district attorney's office accusing him of fraudulent consumer practices. The lawsuit filed last year by Ventura County prosecutors had accused Transking Inc. of, among other things, charging customers hundreds of dollars to rebuild transmissions unnecessarily. Michael R.
November 6, 1992 | BARBARA DENATALE
Women, have you noticed a tiny hole in the bodice of your sexy knit dress? Men, how about your favorite sweater? Don't toss them away. There are people who specialize in full-scale knit repairs. To protect your clothes, look for: * Top-of-the-line machinery that will ensure that the fabric will not be damaged. * Thorough explanations before work begins regarding the flaws and complexities of your garment and how the repair work might affect it.
Is Stanley Auerbach, a veteran TV repairman in Malibu, a victim of stingy electronic equipment makers? Or is he an anachronism in an age where people throw broken sets away rather than have them fixed? It may take a court to decide. Auerbach is president of the California State Electronics Assn., which represents the state's 8,000 electronics and appliance repair shops.
April 27, 1990 | S. J. DIAMOND
The case was extreme but not unusual. When their car sputtered and died recently, a couple had it towed to a reputable repair shop. The carburetor was cleaned; still it sputtered on the drive home and died. Over the next two weeks, a broken hose was replaced, the gas tank cleaned out and a new fuel pump put in, twice. Each time, they'd either drive off and have to call a tow when it died, or come in to pick it up, supposedly fixed, and be unable to drive it away.
February 23, 1986 | JACK REDDEN, United Press International
The girl discreetly slipped a white blouse from the bag and showed it to a prospective buyer in the crowd. The English label meant a high price, but it also meant high quality. However, the clandestine sale at the Moskva Univermag department store never took place. A plainclothes policeman stepped from the milling crowd of shoppers, grabbed the merchandise and escorted both buyer and seller away. In the Soviet Union, selling is the business of the state, not individuals.
June 11, 2013 | Ronald D. White
California remains one of the nation's three most expensive states for car repairs, according to a new analysis by CarMD. The finding is based on what it costs, on average, when a driver's "check engine" warning light appears. CarMD's state-by-state ranking of repair costs was based on detailed analysis of 161,350 repairs on model year 1996 to 2012 vehicles last year Damage from Hurricane Sandy might have helped New Jersey rank highest at an average cost of $392.99. California ranked second among states in 2012.
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