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August 24, 2009 | Joe Graedon and Teresa Graedon
Which goes on first, insect repellent or sunscreen? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says "sunscreens should be applied to the skin before insect repellents." But the CDC also advises not to use combination products containing repellents and sunscreens: "DEET-containing insect repellents may decrease the effectiveness of sunscreens, and sunscreens may increase absorption of DEET through the skin." We also discovered research demonstrating that DEET and the sunscreen ingredient oxybenzone (benzophenone-3)
April 22, 2014 | By Ricardo Lopez
A major manufacturer of anti-fungal products has filed suit in Los Angeles against a competitor, contending that hundreds of thousands of shoe boxes coming into U.S. ports each day could contain a chemical used in rat repellent. The chemical, known as allyl isothiocyanate, is one of the main active ingredients in packing material made by YCM Co., of Taiwan, according to a civil lawsuit filed Tuesday by competitor Micro-Pak, of Hong Kong. The two companies both make items to thwart the growth of fungus or mold, which can ruin shoes during shipment by sea. Because most shoes sold in the U.S. come from Asia aboard cargo container ships that take multi-day ocean voyages, footwear manufacturers commonly put some kind of anti-moisture packing material in shoe boxes, usually silica gel packets or anti-fungal stickers or sheets.
June 1, 2011 | By Amanda Mascarelli, HealthKey
Consumers now have an array of "natural" insect repellents from which to choose. These are made from benign-sounding plant extracts or oils such as citronella oil, soybean oil, peppermint oil, cedarwood oil, lemon grass oil and geranium oil. What consumers don't always have is proof that they work. Many natural insect repellents, deemed "minimum-risk pesticides" by the Environmental Protection Agency, are exempt from safety testing because their active and inert ingredients have been deemed safe for the intended use. These ingredients have been used for long enough in consumer products that they're generally regarded as safe, says Scott Carroll, director of Carroll-Loye Biological Research Consulting, an independent company that does extensive testing on insect repellents.
December 18, 2013 | Henry Chu
LONDON - Ronnie Biggs, one of the most famous criminals in British history, who helped commit the Great Train Robbery of 1963, broke out of prison, enjoyed a notoriously colorful life on the lam in Brazil and then gave himself up, in thoroughly British fashion, to a tabloid newspaper decades later, has died. He was 84. Biggs died during the night, his official Twitter account said Wednesday morning; a woman at the nursing home where he was living, outside London, confirmed the news.
May 16, 2004 | Kathleen Doheny, Healthy Traveler
Entomologists hesitate to predict how bad mosquitoes and other pests will be this season for travelers headed to national parks, the coasts or other areas where bugs can be plentiful. That's because the proliferation of the pesky pests depends on rainfall and other factors. But on one point most bug experts agree: This year, California may be a prime target for West Nile virus, a disease transmitted when mosquitoes that have fed on infected birds bite humans. The first occurrence of West Nile virus in California was last year, and "the second year seems to have more intense activity," says Roger Nasci, a research entomologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Fort Collins, Colo.
March 15, 1993
No serious injuries were suffered by eight people who were treated at area hospitals after being exposed to a Mace-like repellent during a weekend fight at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion attraction, park officials said Sunday. A Disneyland spokesman who would not give his name said police told him the people were taken to Western Medical Center-Anaheim and Anaheim Memorial Hospital for "precautionary checks" after the incident at 10:40 p.m. Saturday.
March 17, 1993 | WILLSON CUMMER
Officer Alex Bastrire charged another officer during a demonstration Tuesday, took a hit of cayenne pepper spray straight in the face, doubled over and gasped. "My eyes are just killing me," he said. The Police Department said it is one of the first in Orange County to begin training all its officers to use aerosol canisters of oleoresin capsicum, a non-lethal spray that police say is more effective than tear gas or Mace in subduing violent suspects.
May 27, 2008 | From Times Wire Reports
Researchers have identified seven possibilities for the next generation of mosquito repellents, some of which may work several times longer than the current standard-bearer, DEET. Tests will begin this summer to make sure the prospective repellents are safe to use directly on the skin. The new repellents aren't likely to be available commercially for a few years. Early tests have been promising, with some chemicals repelling mosquitoes for as long as 73 days and many working for 40 to 50 days, compared with an average of 17.5 days with DEET, according to a study in today's edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
May 8, 2005 | Kathleen Doheny, Healthy Traveler
The kids are counting down the days until they're off from school, and parents are busy planning the annual vacation. Pay attention to preparations, and the trip may be smoother and healthier for kids. Among the experts' suggestions: Visit the doctor. Several weeks before a trip ? or even months ? tell your child's pediatrician where you're going and what you plan to do, especially if the destination is overseas or to a developing country. Update immunizations.
April 11, 1996 | CHARLES PERRY
Rue is a handsome garden herb with bluish-green leaves and cross-shaped yellow flowers. Its other name is herb of grace, and it has often been used for religious purposes such as the sprinkling of holy water. In many places, the fumes of burning rue are considered purifying. The belief is alive, for instance, in present-day Uzbekistan, where you may see people burning rue at the entrances to Tashkent's subway system.
February 28, 2013 | By Gale Holland, Los Angeles Time
The first time I visited the downtown Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, I found myself in a side chapel that Cardinal Roger Mahony had dedicated to "healing" the victims of clergy sexual abuse. I was shocked to see dozens of school photos left behind by victims or their families that looked just like my brother: the same shy smile, the shock of hacked-off hair. We had grown up Irish Catholic in the San Fernando Valley in the 1960s and '70s, when the abuse was rampant. But I'd never discussed the scandal with my brother.
January 12, 2013 | By Robyn Dixon, Los Angeles Times
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - French airstrikes in Mali turned back Al Qaeda-linked militants who recently began moving south after seizing a vast northern desert region of the West African nation last year, French officials said Saturday. French forces drove the Ansar Dine militia from the city of Konna after deploying warplanes and hundreds of troops on Friday to Mali, its former colony, the officials said. A French helicopter was downed in the operation and its pilot, Danien Boiteux, was killed.
December 20, 2012 | By Susan Denley
Designer Rebecca Minkoff gathered a cast of fashionistas for her annual holiday video card, posted on YouTube. Minkoff, Leandra Medine (aka the Man Repeller), blogger Bryan Boy, actress Odette Annable, model Michelle Ouellet, Teen Vogue associate editor Andrew Bevan and DJ Cassidy dance and lip-sync to Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas. " Enjoy! [The Cut] The Council of Fashion Designers of America and Vogue organized an auction and raised $1.7 million for Superstorm Sandy relief.
November 20, 2012 | By Christopher Goffard, Los Angeles Times
Orange County was once an instant synonym for Republican power, and the GOP's dominance looked impregnable. Now, battered by the recent election results and dismayed by the slow, steady decline in party registration, Republicans here are struggling to craft a new strategy. The percentage of registered Republicans has eroded - it now stands at 41% - and the party has long since lost control of the political districts that envelop the county seat of Santa Ana, a Latino-dominated city of 330,000, and surrounding communities in the county's core.
September 27, 2012 | By E. Scott Reckard, Andrew Tangel and Jim Puzzanghera
A shadowy but well organized hacker group in the Middle East has disrupted the electronic banking operations of America's largest financial institutions in recent days, underscoring U.S. vulnerability to online terrorism. A group identifying itself as Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters attacked the websites of Wells Fargo, U.S. Bancorp and Bank of America. The strikes left customers temporarily unable to access their checking accounts, mortgages and other services. The banks said account and personal information for their tens of millions of online and mobile customers were not compromised.
October 21, 2011 | By Kevin Thomas
"Daylight" takes a standard kidnapping plot and turns it inside out. Director David Barker and his formidable stars, Alexandra Meierhans and Michael Godere, have written a script that concentrates on fleshed-out characterizations, leaves audiences to connect the dots and demolishes genre clichés. Replete with superior acting and visual splendor, the film is a fine instance of the overly familiar made fresh. Meierhans' Irene is in the late stages of pregnancy, yet her husband, Daniel (Aidan Redmond)
July 8, 2011 | By Lisa Mascaro, Tribune Washington Bureau
As congressional leaders and the White House work to strike a historic deficit-reduction deal, the debate is not over how to cut trillions of dollars, but rather what combination of proposals will deliver the votes needed to pass Congress. Negotiators are quickly finding that in today's Congress — particularly in the highly polarized House of Representatives — almost any move that attracts one group of votes repels others. President Obama and House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio)
June 1, 2011 | By Amanda Leigh Mascarelli, HealthKey
Choosing an insect repellent that prevents bug bites but that doesn't contain potentially risky chemicals might be one of summer's peskier problems. Synthetic repellents with the chemical compound DEET have been the standard for more than 50 years, ever since the U.S. Army developed it to protect soldiers from insect-borne diseases such as West Nile virus, malaria, Dengue fever and Lyme disease. A synthetic compound — N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide, or DEET — was approved for use by the general public in 1957.
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