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October 11, 1990 | United Press International
The Marine Corps on Wednesday called up 160 reservists to fill the positions in Hawaii of Marines who were sent to Saudi Arabia. The Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard have called up more than 27,000 reservists and National Guard members to help support military operations in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf region. But the Marines had not called up any reservists until Wednesday.
May 13, 2004 | From Times Wire Reports
The Army has begun screening about 17,000 inactive reservists to determine who would be available to be called to active duty if needed, a spokesman said. The soldiers are members of the Individual Ready Reserve -- reservists who are not formally attached to any specific unit. No Individual Ready Reserve soldiers have been called up involuntarily so far, said Lt. Col. Burt Masters, a spokesman for the Army's Human Resources Command in St. Louis.
September 1, 1990
Mayor Tom Bradley asked the Los Angeles City Council Friday to extend the health and dental care benefits of city employees who are reservists called to duty during the Persian Gulf crisis. "Many city employees who are currently reservists will likely be called upon to assist our armed forces in the coming months," Bradley wrote in a letter to the council. "It is incumbent upon us to extend our commitment to providing health care to the families of those employees who are called to serve."
January 24, 1991
A City Council committee on Wednesday approved a plan to bolster the military salaries of Los Angeles city employees who are called to active duty in the Persian Gulf by paying them the balance of their regular compensation. There are 541 reservists on the city payroll, and so far about 80 have been called to active duty. Thirty-three of them are from the Los Angeles Police Department, which has the most reservists with 248.
January 20, 1991
An order signed by President Bush late Friday extends the maximum length of the reserve call - up from 180 days to up to two years and allows additional call - ups. The order authorizes the Pentagon to put up to 1 million reserves on active duty, although officials said there are no plans for such an extensive call-up. The Pentagon had been limited to calling up 200,000 reservists. There now are 460,000 U.S. forces in the gulf region. Of those, about 150,000 are reservists.
October 12, 2000 | From Times Wire Reports
Countering military assertions that refusals to take the anthrax vaccine are having little effect, a congressional study finds it is the leading cause cited by pilots and air crew members for leaving National Guard and reserve units. The Pentagon questioned the results, saying Guard and reserve strength and readiness is unaffected. But officers acknowledged they have no data on how many reservists are leaving rather than taking the shots.
Reservists called up for active duty immediately become full-time military personnel with all the obligations and benefits of regular full-time service. In most cases, they must abandon their civilian jobs and relocate to military posts, disrupting families and careers. Here are some frequently asked questions concerning the legal and professional ramifications of the reserve call-up authorized Wednesday by President Bush: Question: What functions will reservists perform in the current crisis?
July 9, 1989
Regarding the article concerning Marine Corps reservists' 10-mile training hike through Irvine and Newport Beach (June 27), the story was so embellished with terrifying adverbs and adjectives that it appeared the march route was populated with people whose mental capacity to comprehend is open to question. The article was filled with terms such as "startles suburbanites," "quite intimidating" to onlookers, "startled some civilians," "worried" residents, got "strange looks" from drivers, "surprised" people, made people "uneasy at first," individuals thought "we were getting into trouble" and "surprised and scared" other persons.
August 30, 1996 | Associated Press
The Pentagon said Thursday it was giving a new award called the "M," or mobilization, device to 220,000 members of the National Guard and Reserve for their active-duty service in crisis operations since 1990. "Making more use of your talents helps us bridge the gap between the military and civilian communities," Defense Secretary William J. Perry said at a Pentagon ceremony where he pinned bronze "M" devices on 14 representative service members.
December 8, 1996 | Associated Press
Hundreds turned out Saturday for a tear-filled ceremony to honor 10 Air Force reservists who were killed in a crash off the California coast last month. Photographs of the victims were lined up on the podium at the Portland Air Base, and a HC-130P aircraft was parked nearby, a wreath of red roses hanging from its nose. Dive teams will search the Pacific 40 miles off Point Mendocino, Calif., for the HC-130P Hercules that crashed Nov. 22 on a flight to San Diego.
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