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November 2, 2007 | From Times Wire Reports
Bosnian Prime Minister Nikola Spiric, an ethnic Serb, resigned over a proposed parliamentary change. Miroslav Lajcak, a Slovak diplomat who is the top international administrator in the ethnically divided country, has proposed rules to change the way a quorum is calculated, to make it more difficult for lawmakers to block decisions by not showing up. Serbs fear that could lead to the end of their mini-state within Bosnia-Herzegovina.
November 17, 2007 | From Times Wire Reports
The brother of State Department Inspector General Howard J. Krongard quit as an advisor to Blackwater USA, two days after the relationship with the security contractor was sharply criticized by a congressional oversight committee. Erik Prince, Blackwater's top executive, said the conflict-of-interest questions raised by the connection prompted Alvin B. Krongard to submit his resignation. It was unclear whether the move would salvage Howard Krongard's damaged credibility and career, however.
March 15, 2006 | From Times Wire Reports
President Roh Moo-hyun has accepted the resignation of his prime minister after the premier set off a scandal by playing golf during a national railway strike. Lee Hae-chan came under pressure to leave after his March 1 golf outing coincided with the start of the walkout, when South Koreans expected him to oversee the government's response to the strike. His departure was delayed until Roh's return Tuesday from a trip to Africa.
January 12, 2006 | Jill Leovy, Times Staff Writer
The head of the Los Angeles Unified School District's massive construction program announced his resignation Wednesday, saying, "I've done what I came here to do." Jim McConnell, a former captain in the Navy Seabees, joined L.A. Unified five years ago when "no one had confidence" in the district's ability to build schools, Supt. Roy Romer said in a statement Wednesday.
October 5, 2006 | From Times Wire Reports
Rep. Christopher Shays, who is facing a tough challenge from an antiwar Democrat, called for Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld to resign -- a rare demand from a longtime Republican. His Democratic opponent, Diane Farrell, has opposed the war and advocates an exit strategy for U.S. troops. Shays made his comments at a debate in Stamford, which was dominated by questions about the Iraq war.
September 25, 2007 | From Times Wire Reports
The Homeland Security Department's second-in-command resigned, citing personal financial reasons. Deputy Secretary Michael P. Jackson has had a key role in running the department. In an e-mail to his staff, Jackson, who earns $168,000 a year, said, "The simple truth, however, is that after over five years of serving with the president's team, I am compelled to depart for financial reasons that I can no longer ignore."
May 6, 2007 | From the Associated Press
Israel's defense minister said Saturday that he would step down after an inquiry commission criticized his handling of the war in Lebanon last summer, but he probably will wait until his Labor Party has held its primaries at the end of the month. The government investigation found that Amir Peretz did not fulfill his duty as defense minister, in part because of his inexperience in military matters.
October 28, 1998 | From Times Wire Reports
Prime Minister Tony Blair's government suffered a major blow when Welsh Secretary Ron Davies suddenly resigned after an incident in a London park that left the nation guessing exactly what had happened. Davies said he had embarrassed the government by becoming the innocent victim of a crime when he was attacked and robbed by a man whom he befriended while out for a late-night walk. Blair's spokesman said Davies had "denied that this was anything to do with any sort of sexual encounter."
June 6, 2000 | From Times Wire Reports
The superintendent of Philadelphia's financially strapped school system resigned, saying he did not have the support of state officials to turn the district around. David Hornbeck made the announcement less than a week after the nation's sixth-largest school system averted a state takeover. He will end his six-year tenure in August. Hornbeck said recent budget negotiations left him without enough money to continue his school reform program on schedule.
May 28, 2000 | Associated Press
Israeli President Ezer Weizman will resign within six weeks, his top aide said Saturday, three days after the attorney general announced that Weizman had improperly accepted gifts while in office. Weizman, 76, has said he will resign, citing ill health and the implications of an inquiry into the more than $300,000 in gifts that he took from a French millionaire friend from 1988 to 1993. The president says the money was a personal gift. Atty. Gen.
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