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May 25, 2003 | Ann Conway, Times Staff Writer
Never mind the Tiffany-inspired crystal chandeliers glittering in the gala tent, the Wolfgang Puck cuisine or the electric-blue "fossil fuel" martinis. For the 800 guests attending the 90th anniversary splash for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, the dueling dinosaurs stole the show. Situated in a marble rotunda awash in neon-bright pink and orange spotlights, the towering skeletal T. rex and triceratops had guests buzzing like students on a science field trip.
April 15, 2014 | By Lalita Clozel
WASHINGTON -- After a grueling 48-hour drive from Montana, the capital's latest transplant -- a 38-foot long, 66 million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton -- got to rest its bones Tuesday at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. The Smithsonian's newest acquisition is one of the largest and most complete specimens in the world, and it will be the museum's first real T. rex skeleton on display. “What could be more fabulous than welcoming a Tyrannosaurus rex to Washington D.C.?
April 16, 2005 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Paleontologists have identified a new dinosaur species, an early relative of Tyrannosaurus rex that roamed what is now the southeastern U.S. about 77 million years ago. The scientists made the identification from hundreds of fossilized fragments collected mostly in Montgomery County, Ala., and southwestern Georgia. They named the new dinosaur Appalachiosaurus montgomeriensis, which means "the Appalachian lizard from Montgomery County." The 25-foot-long creature lived 10 million years before T.
April 8, 2014 | By Eric Pincus
Where will John Calipari be coaching next season?  Will he leave the Kentucky Wildcats to join the Lakers? "I still think Kentucky," said Rex Chapman on "The Dan Patrick Show" on Tuesday. Chapman started a firestorm on Monday, tweeting that Calipari is a " done deal " to the Lakers. The Lakers quickly denied the rumor. "Mike D'Antoni is our coach," said Lakers spokesman John Black.  "There have been no conversations about any specific names for any replacement.
August 14, 2004 | Eric D. Tytell, Times Staff Writer
Tyrannosaurus rex endured an enormous teenage growth spurt, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Nature that provided the first explanation of how the giant dinosaur evolved to be so huge. Based on yearly growth rings in 67-million-year-old fossil ribs and pubic bones, the researchers determined that T. rex gained 70% of its 6-ton adult weight from age 14 to 18, putting on more than 4.5 pounds per day. The huge carnivore usually died before it reached 30. "We now know that T.
August 1, 1986 | CHARLEWS PERRY
Rex of Newport has reopened after a lengthy remodeling, and if you're an old-timer with this place, what you'll want to know about is the new dining room. It's slick-looking, basically in the same gaslight era-style as the rest of Rex--painted globe chandeliers, satin wallpaper on the ceiling, dark wood--but cleaner and sharper.
May 16, 2013 | Meghan Daum
We got another dog right away. That wasn't the plan. But back in March, less than two weeks after Rex died and when I still had faint bruises from digging my fingers into my forehead amid uncontrollable sobs, I signed us up to "foster" a Saint Bernard mix that had been rescued from a crack den. It was a classic rebound move, but the unbearable silence of the dogless house was too much to take. You don't realize how much a dog's presence defines the contours of your home until, in its absence, the walls seem to relocate themselves.
August 27, 2005 | Ashley Powers, Times Staff Writer
Dinny the roadside dinosaur has found religion. The 45-foot-high concrete apatosaurus has towered over Interstate 10 near Palm Springs for nearly three decades as a kitschy prehistoric pit stop for tourists. Now he is the star of a renovated attraction that disputes the fact that dinosaurs died off millions of years before humans first walked the planet.
February 4, 1996
For Republicans Whitewater just will not wash. REX D. FRAZIER Covina
November 8, 1998
When the going gets tough, the tough get merging. REX V. RHOADES La Verne
April 7, 2014 | By Chris Dufresne
ARLINGTON, Texas - Nothing like putting out a juicy oh-by-the-way rumor before the biggest college basketball game of the season. But former Kentucky star Rex Chapman tweeted before Monday night's national title game that Kentucky Coach John Calipari will be the next coach of the Lakers. Chapman doesn't site any sources or offer any timetable. Calipari said this week he was probably going to need his hip replaced shortly after Monday night's title game between Kentucky and Connecticut.
March 26, 2014 | By Chuck Schilken
Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez will be forever linked. In our memories, anyway. The New York Jets finally parted ways with their embattled former starting quarterback this month, and now the team's coach is talking about altering the tattoo on his arm that currently features a woman wearing Sanchez's No. 6 jersey. Surely, that design seemed like a great idea at the time. Well, maybe not. But it's even sillier now. A reporter asked Ryan about the ink Tuesday, and the coach seemed to decide its fate right there on the spot.
March 17, 2014 | By Trishna Patel
Photographer Catherine Lacey Dodd writes in an email: "I grew up in the UK and rain [is] a part of everyday life, so when the drought came to an abrupt end in SoCal, I knew I not only needed to mark it in some way, but also to enjoy the experience and its sensory pleasures. My son donned his seldom worn rainboots and umbrella and we ran out into the neighborhood streets for this shoot, splashing in the puddles, capturing the motion of the water and sheltering under the umbrella.
December 29, 2013 | By Sam Farmer
Black Monday won't darken the skies over Rex Ryan. The New York Jets coach is staying. Jets owner Woody Johnson announced as much Sunday after his team's 20-7 victory over Miami. “We're going to keep Rex Ryan, and he's going to be our coach next year,” Johnson told reporters after the game. “I couldn't be any prouder of this team.” Ryan, dogged all season by rumors he would be fired, coached his team to an 8-8 record with up-and-down rookie Geno Smith at quarterback.
October 27, 2013 | By Sam Farmer
Rex Ryan was on the short list of short-timers. He was doomed. His New York Jets were coming off a 6-10 season, had a new general manager — one who didn't hire Ryan as coach — had traded their best defensive player in cornerback Darrelle Revis and had a mess of a quarterback situation. The clock was ticking on Ryan, and few people would have been shocked had he lost his job within the first month of the season. This was a team that should have won maybe four games. After seven games, Ryan is at least in the early conversation for coach of the year.
October 22, 2013 | By Susan King
British actor-singer Noel Harrison, best known for his recording of the Oscar-winning ballad  "The Windmills of Your Mind" and as secret agent Mark Slate in NBC's 1960s TV series "The Girl from U.N.C.L.E," died Saturday night at the age of 79. Harrison suffered a  heart attack at his home in Ashburton, Devon in England after performing at the village of Black Dog in Devon. His wife, Lori Chapman, told the Press Association, "He will be loved and missed by more people than I ever knew.
November 24, 1996
It seems the treatment for certain ailments is going to pot. REX D. FRAZIER Covina
December 6, 2012 | By Sheri Linden
A playful paean to a movie genre and a prolific career, Ernest Borgnine's valedictory feature is a spaghetti western with a heavy helping of cheese. "The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente Fernandez" won't be more than a footnote to his life's work, but it is evidence that even at 94, and even in flat surroundings, the late actor possessed undeniable screen magnetism. As with Will Ferrell's "Casa de Mi Padre" this year, the wonderfully spoofy opening-credits sequence promises more genre subversion than the film delivers.
October 16, 2013 | By Eric Sondheimer
 Everyone knows that Stanley Johnson will be a star at Santa Ana Mater Dei. And everyone knows that 6-foot-10 sophomore MJ Cage is ready to have a huge season. But wait until fans and others get the chance to see 6-5 junior guard Rex Pflueger, a transfer from JSerra. I don't know what he has done since the end of last season, but he's no longer just a long-range shooter. He's a different player, with more athleticism, more leaping ability and more skills to contribute offensively and defensively.
September 3, 2013 | By Chuck Schilken
New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan probably will be spending a lot of time this season defending his decisions to the local media. He's off to an early start after being criticized by the New York Daily News for not being in town for the team's final cuts Saturday, instead attending his son's first game as a Clemson football player, as well as tailgating festivities before kickoff. "Almost all of our moves were made Friday evening, when I was here," Ryan said during his Monday news conference.
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