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Rich Shea

March 26, 1985 | TOM GORMAN
A mong the heady considerations in the ongoing debate over whether several beach communities in North County should incorporate as a single city is: What should the place be called? To that end, a "Name the City" contest was held by the North Coast Incorporation Coalition, which wants Encinitas, Leucadia, Cardiff and Olivenhain to join as a single city with its own municipal government.
June 16, 2003 | Joy L. Woodson, Times Staff Writer
A dozen competitors faced cheering friends and crowding fans along Pico Boulevard on Sunday as they attempted to concentrate on the gluttonous feat at hand -- to eat as many hot dogs as possible in 12 minutes. Most were newcomers looking for a fun challenge and with a hankering for a free lunch. A few were regulars of the competitive eating circuit who, win or lose, return year after year for the face-off.
October 2, 1986 | JENIFER WARREN, Times Staff Writer
After three bitterly contested elections and more than a decade of effort, Encinitas and its three north coastal neighbors officially shook off the shackles of county government Wednesday and began life anew as one city. The formal birth of the 26-square-mile City of Encinitas was an event many residents had waited years to witness, but City Council members wasted little time savoring the occasion.
May 23, 2004 | James Verini, James Verini is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles.
'You are about to witness the single most important sporting event to take place in Los Angeles County since the 1984 Summer Olympics!" Thus hollered Rich Shea to a group of perhaps 100 rain-soaked and rather bewildered-looking UCLA students who had gathered before a makeshift stage in the middle of campus.
June 13, 1990 | JULIE WHEELOCK
Television monitors glow brightly in the dimly lit UCLA mobile unit, displaying rehearsal action in an adjacent studio at Melnitz Hall. Ivan Cury, associate professor of film and television, is sitting tensely on the edge of his chair, watching the run-through of an episode of "University," the popular student-produced soap opera that he supervises.
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