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Richard F Sherman

February 13, 1987
Richard F. Sherman, president and chief executive of Church's Fried Chicken Inc., San Antonio, has resigned. The company said he may participate in an offer to acquire the fast-food company and wants "to pursue this interest on a full-time basis."
May 12, 1987
The San Antonio firm said the unsolicited, $463-million bid was from an investment group including Church's former Chief Executive Richard F. Sherman, Stanley Faye, Shearson Lehman Bros. Holdings Inc., Citicorp Capital Investors Ltd. and C. Stephen Lynn. The company said the proposal was not in the best interest of its shareholders. Church's is the nation's second-largest fried chicken restaurant chain after Kentucky Fried Chicken.
May 5, 1987 | From Times Wire Services
Church's Fried Chicken, which has been the subject of takeover speculation in recent months, received a buyout offer valuing the company at about $469 million, the nation's second-largest fast-food chicken operation said Monday. The San Antonio-based concern received the offer from a private investment group that includes Church's former president and chief executive, Richard F. Sherman. Sherman resigned his positions in February after announcing an interest in buying Church's.
April 19, 1995
Why does the O.J. Simpson Dream Team continue to hang on to the conspiracy theory? Now there is an allegation that Los Angeles police criminalist Dennis Fung was a party to the imagined plot. When did all of the conspiring take place? Did the plotters work all night writing a script that they could play out in court later? As for Fung, his testimony was full of memory lapses and contradictions. It is hard to conclude, however, that these equate to an intentional effort to give false testimony under oath.
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