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Richard Ford

July 26, 2001 | From Times Wire Reports
Friends and fans of Eudora Welty waited under a blistering sun to pay their respects to the writer whose stories of small town Southern life earned her the Pulitzer Prize and acclaim as a master of the short story. Welty's closed coffin was presented in the rotunda of the Old Capitol, an 1835 building where Andrew Jackson once spoke. The state Department of Archives and History made her just the sixth person to receive a public viewing in the Old Capitol, now a museum.
July 21, 2003 | Steve Hochman, Special to The Times
The name of the band Smog is often officially rendered (Smog), and at the Troubadour on Friday the Chicago act's Bill Callahan indeed worked inside life's parentheses. His are the asides, the digressions, the little bits and bombs that aren't the actual stories, but the things beyond or beside the stories. After all, the stories themselves have already been told, and told well, by Willie Nelson and Lou Reed, among other leading lights Callahan runs through his distinctly Midwestern prism.
A California appellate court upheld the murder conviction of former Los Angeles Police Officer Robert Von Villas on Thursday, despite agreeing that there was juror misconduct during his trial for the contract killing of a San Fernando Valley businessman. In a 2-1 ruling, the 2nd District Court of Appeal said that although a juror violated the trial judge's order by looking at a newspaper article about the conviction of Von Villas' accomplice, she was not biased.
"Bright Angel" (AMC Century 14, GCC Beverly Connection) is a film about turning points, moments that scar and change you forever. It's a coming-of-age story of unusual bleakness and empathy, and it has real verbal style. The characters speak an odd, poetic, homiletic lingo and their words tend to resonate in the vast, empty landscapes around them: the Montana plains slashed by highways that stretch endlessly toward far horizons and occasional towns.
February 27, 1989
Saturday's Winning Number 1-21-33-44-46-47 Saturday's Jackpot $13.2 million Bonus Number 25 Winners per Category No. of Prizes Winners Each 6 of 6 None $13.
August 2, 1985
Under terms of a plea bargain agreed to in January, a Northridge woman who admitted that she helped arrange the contract murder of a friend's husband was placed on probation for five years. Joyce A. Reynolds, 47, who appeared before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert R. Devich, has already served more than a year in Los Angeles County Jail. Reynolds has agreed to testify against two former Los Angeles police officers, Richard H. Ford and Robert A.
April 16, 1997 | From Associated Press
A former Heaven's Gate member and the county are disputing ownership of the suicide cult's World Wide Web design business, which may be worth $1 million despite all its employees being dead. The county plans to auction off the cult's belongings and give the proceeds to surviving family members, said Susan Jamme, the county's deputy public administrator in charge of the case.
December 29, 1996 | AMY BLOOM
This valentine to fatherhood, Michael Jaffe's sweet and skillful first novel, takes a wonderful quote from Richard Ford's "Great Falls" as its epigraph: "The answer is simple: it is just low-life, some coldness in us all, some helplessness that causes us to misunderstand life when it is pure and plain, makes our existence seem like a border between two nothings, and makes us no more or less than animals who meet on the road--watchful, unforgiving, without patience or desire."
June 1, 1998 | From Times Wire Services
Federal antitrust authorities have cleared the way for German media conglomerate Bertelsmann to acquire the biggest U.S. book publisher, Random House, the German company said Sunday. The Federal Trade Commission "has raised no objections" to Bertelsmann's application to buy Random House. "Bertelsmann is thus cleared by the FTC to close its transaction, as originally scheduled, by midsummer," a company statement said.
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