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Rick Dees

April 1, 2006
April 1, 1996: For a few hours on April Fools' Day, Mayor Richard J. Riordan swapped jobs with Rick Dees, morning deejay at KIIS-FM (102.7). At the Burbank radio station, Riordan spun records and chattered away -- betraying his age by describing his favorite singers as Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra and "the modern ones," Frankie Avalon and Bobby Sherman. "I hope I didn't destroy your ratings," he told Dees.
October 27, 1991
Regarding "Drive Time Isn't Prime Time for Women," by Claudia Puig (Oct. 13): It's not surprising that there aren't more women in the spotlight during morning drive time, given the attitude of some of the women in radio today. It was shocking to find that women in the '90s are stereotyping themselves, especially women who do reach large audiences. The statement by Kim Amidon of KOST-FM that "women are socialized to not be as outrageous as men," but rather to be "sophisticated and sexy," made me question what decade she's living in. And I wonder: Is Ellen K. of KIIS-FM trying to validate why she's not in Rick Dees' place when she says that "if I turned (the radio)
April 16, 1988
The 33% page space (Calendar, April 19) you afforded the photos of "Hot Seat" domo Wally George engaging in staged fisticuffs with KIIS-FM mega-personality Rick Dees was downright sinful. However, on second thought, small minds equal vapor-ridden areas. Both of these men represent the best of Southern California entertainment. One, the conservative, patriotic mirror-image of Hitler operating from behind the Orange Curtain, the other, an equally conservative self-made radio personality, are birds of the same feather.
ABC is buying back the rights to "Into the Night With Rick Dees," network executives confirmed Thursday. Staffers on the late-night talk show had been notified Wednesday of the network's plans to sever its ties with Dees. Dees had said last month that he planned to step down as host of the low-rated series in July, but would be staying on as a producer while a succession of celebrities took the helm as guest host.
January 31, 1988 | PATRICK GOLDSTEIN
Is Rick Dees a screaming blue meanie? The grinch who stole Christmas? The wicked witch of the West Coast? That's what a variety of entertainment industry figures are wondering after the popular KIIS-FM morning deejay made his verbal assault on homeless people who had been living in the Venice Beach area. Dees' Jan. 6 remarks, which depicted the homeless as "druggies," "idiots" and "scuzzbos," were not stated in his typically joking fashion.
September 23, 2006 | Geoff Boucher, Times Staff Writer
RICK DEES was asked about his proper place in the history of Los Angeles radio. Leaning into the studio's microphone, he answered with his familiar rounded-edge drawl: "Every great artist has to go out on the stage and say, 'I'm going to be the best ever.' And so I go out on the airwaves and say I'm going to commit myself to be the best ever...."
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