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Rick Minyard

February 3, 1988 | LAUREN PETERSON
Two months after hiring Bob Enger to resurrect its football program, Pierce College has nearly completed its coaching staff. Glenn Bell and Rick Minyard are the latest of six assistants who have been hired in the past month. Bell will coach defensive backs and Minyard will coach quarterbacks. Pierce also has offered an assistant's position to Richard Rigali, a former line coach at Westchester High. Rigali, a Culver City policeman, is expected to make a decision during the week.
July 29, 2000
The assertion by KRLA-AM program director Ron Escarsega or The Times that "Minyard & Minyard" was "steadily losing listeners" is quite simply false (Morning Report, July 14). In fact, from the winter 2000 Arbitron survey to the spring, "M&M" gained in every key age demographic: 12-plus, 25 to 54 and 35 to 64. Further examination of the Arbitron book would show that "M&M" had the largest book-to-book percentage increase in share (75%) of any part of the station's schedule, the largest actual cumulative audience of any KRLA show next to Michael Jackson and a larger audience share than Don Imus or Gordon Liddy.
August 5, 2000
Thank you, Rick Minyard, for clearing up the situation of the "Minyard & Minyard" show at KRLA-AM (Saturday Letters, July 29). "M&M" was funny, intelligent and always topical. It was a show with two very clever and witty talk-show hosts with different political points of view who just happen to be father and son. What makes it worse is that KRLA has replaced them with the most god-awful boring shows that you can imagine! What is KRLA thinking? I will really miss this special show. DENISE McCANLES West Hollywood Rick Minyard insists that "Minyard & Minyard" had the "largest book-to-book percentage increase in share (75%)
January 24, 1986 | KEITH LOVE, Times Political Writer
Conservative television commentator Bruce Herschensohn announced Thursday during his evening commentary on KABC-TV in Los Angeles that he is leaving the air to run for the U.S. Senate in California. "I'm leaving KABC-TV, 'Eyewitness News,' " Herschensohn told his viewers on the 6 o'clock news. ". . . I'm leaving for one reason and one reason alone: I want Alan Cranston's job as a United States senator. I want it a lot, and I better start on that pursuit full time."
July 1, 1999 | SHAUNA SNOW
ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Murphy's 'PJs' Status: Phil Morris, who played Jackie Charles on "Seinfeld," has been filling in recently for Eddie Murphy doing voices on Fox's clay-animated series "The PJs." Representatives for the company said it was due to Murphy's frantic film schedule and that the actor would remain connected to the program, which he co-created.
Is there a record for the most records set in a game you lost? If so, the Cal State Northridge football team would own it. Senior Clayton Millis set three school single-game passing records, and Tim Hilton set a receiving record, but the Matadors lost, 28-20, to St. Mary's on Saturday night in a nonconference game in front of 2,139 at North Campus Stadium. Millis completed 48 of 65 passes for 429 yards and two touchdowns.
July 11, 2000 | STEVE HARVEY
Mention was made here of the rumor about a lone hearse driver ticketed for using the carpool lane despite his contention that there was another occupant--a corpse. Traffic school instructor Hank Baylis says it's true. "Two years ago, a student in my class was cited for such a violation," Baylis said. "He actually received three infractions. He was working for a mortician, driving the company hearse south on the congested 405, with a 'client' in back, when he noticed the diamond lane clear.
December 23, 1998 | SHAUNA SNOW
CLASSICAL MUSIC Disharmony at Boys Choir: The Vienna Boys' Choir, a revered Austrian musical institution for five centuries, is in turmoil following the abrupt resignation of artistic director Agnes Grossmann, the daughter of Ferdinand Grossmann, who led the choir for more than two decades.
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