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January 24, 1994 | RAY LOYND
"To My Daughter with Love," starring Rick Schroder as a newly widowed dad, is pretty unblinking in its depiction of the rigors of single parenthood (tonight, Channel 4, 9 p.m.). It's also unusually lachrymose and downbeat for a movie presented under the banner of Disney Family Classics. Sure, it's predictably heartwarming at the fade-out, but the rest of the story is too rigorously candid to be cheerful.
June 13, 2004 | Ruth Ryon, Times Staff Writer
Roxbury Drive still draws tour vans by the dozens. The Beverly Hills street became famous for its many celebrity homeowners during Hollywood's golden era. In Lucille Ball's days there, the stars didn't mind. Jimmy Stewart and his wife grew a victory garden on a vacant lot next door to their house. Jack Benny lived nearby for decades. George Gershwin, Ella Fitzgerald, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward were other neighbors.
April 15, 1989 | PETER W. FREY
At 1 this afternoon, one of the bigger exchanges since the Edmonton Oilers traded a player named Gretzky to the Los Angeles Kings for Jimmy Carson will be happening in Long Beach. The city has swapped Ocean Avenue for a speedway. A group of celebrities and members of the media have swapped their chauffeured limousines and microphones for race cars, and for 10 laps the drivers may be swapping paint, bent body work and evil thoughts as they dash their way through the 13th annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race.
March 5, 1990 | From United Press International
Just when Terry O'Kelley thought nothing more could go wrong--something did. O'Kelley's story is told in "A Son's Promise," a real heart-tugger starring Rick Schroder that airs tonight at 9 o'clock on ABC. It is one of those stories that no scriptwriter would dare make up, except it happens to be based on a true story. Terry, at 15 the oldest of seven brothers living in rural Georgia, promises his dying mother that he will keep the family together.
"Hitched," an original comedy-thriller from USA Network satirizing modern marriage, works as mild diversion but you might have a hard time staying committed. Newlyweds Ted (Anthony Michael Hall), a luggage salesman, and Eve (Sheryl Lee Diamond), his "old-fashioned girl" of a wife, have different ideas of matrimony. When Ted's in a car crash on a night he was supposedly working late, Eve darts to the hospital only to discover he wasn't alone.
November 27, 2012 | By Ed Stockly
Click here to download TV listings for the week Nov. 25 - Dec. 1 in PDF format This week's TV Movies     SERIES The Hour: The drama series set in a 1957 British TV newsroom returns for a new season with Ben Whishaw, Romola Garai, Dominic West and cast newcomer Peter Capaldi (6, 7:15, 9 and 10:15 p.m. BBC America). Return to Lonesome Dove:  Dunnegan (Oliver Reed) tells Newt (Rick Schroder) he considers him a son while Gideon (William Petersen)
November 10, 1991 | LIBBY SLATE, Libby Slate is a free-lance writer and frequent contributor to Calendar and TV Times
Family violence, such as spousal abuse and elder abuse, often has been depicted on television in recent years. Yet the most common form of family violence is also the one most overlooked: adolescent sibling abuse, which typically occurs in three out of five American households every year and is so serious that it would be considered assault and battery if committed against a stranger.
April 14, 1995 | Howard Rosenberg
Remember the Alamo, forget the TV show. From border to border, "James A. Michener's Texas" is weak storytelling and questionable history. You get saddle sores just from watching. Yes, ordinarily no big deal, just another of TV's mainstream historical dramas benignly punctuated by fantasy, an escapist two-parter not to be taken seriously, if taken at all. Charmless but harmless.
March 15, 1990 | From United Press International
CBS told its advertisers and their agencies Wednesday that it was taking aim on the young crowd with prime shows in development for the 1990-91 season that were animated, musical and featured stand-up comics. Jeff Sagansky, new president of CBS Entertainment, and Peter Tortorici, senior vice president of program planning, outlined the third-place network's "game plan" for the coming season, describing 23 pilots under consideration.
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