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April 22, 2013 | By Randy Lewis
This post has been updated. See note below for details. Richie Havens, the veteran folk singer whose frenetic guitar strumming and impassioned vocals made him one of the defining voices and faces of Woodstock, and by extension, of 1960s pop music, died Monday of a heart attack at his home in New Jersey, his publicist said in a statement. He was 72. The Brooklyn native with the powerhouse ripsaw voice was the opening act at the festival billed as “Three Days of Peace and Music” in upstate New York in August 1969, and galvanized rock fans as they trekked in to the festival site from across the Eastern Seaboard and throughout the country.
July 9, 1989 | ANDY LANGBD Associated Press and
QUESTION: I know a wood floor can be installed over concrete because I have seen it on two occasions. In neither case was the owner of the house able to tell me how it had been done, since it was there when the houses were purchased. My plan is to put tongue-and-groove flooring over a concrete floor in what once was a garage. Can you at least give me a hint on how it is done? ANSWER: A wood floor can be placed over concrete by first setting 2-by-4s into mastic spread on the concrete.
November 5, 1995 | Jerry Camarillo Dunn Jr.
airtime n . period of near-zero gravity in which you feel like you're coming out of your seat. "The Magnum has great airtime on the second hill." chain dogs n . catches beneath cars that grab a moving chain and pull the train uphill. coffin cars n . trains with excessive safety restraints. "I hope they take the coffin cars off the Ripsaw." ERT abbr . Exclusive Ride Time, set aside by a park before or after hours for hard-core enthusiasts only.
September 2, 1995 | KAREN DARDICK
Begonias thrive in porous, fast-draining soil. Mary Sakamoto of Orange Park Acres creates hers using equal parts of commercial planting mix, perlite, oak leaf mold and seedling bark. * Add a granular, timed-release fertilizer to the potting mix before placing plant. * Keep plant in a sheltered location, such as a covered patio or deck. Hanging plants should be protected from gusts of wind. * Water when soil is dry to the touch. In warm months, plants may need watering every other day.
January 1, 2012 | By Brady MacDonald, Los Angeles Times staff writer
A new indoor dark ride debuting in 2012 at Britain's Alton Towers theme park promises to be a psychologically terrifying and physically thrilling experience set in the secret underground catacomb of an alien creature. Dubbed Nemesis: Sub-Terra , the new ride is based on the original back-story for the 1994 Nemesis inverted roller coaster that travels over a river of blood. The Nemesis legend tells of a brooding and unpredictable extraterrestrial discovered during an excavation and worshipped by a cult.
November 11, 1995 | From Associated Press
You don't need a workshop full of tools for routine home maintenance, but what you have should be the best you can afford. Most homeowners can get by with the following tools: * Safety equipment: Safety goggles guard your eyes against flying particles and hazardous liquids. Inexpensive, disposable sanding masks give you relief from dusts, odors and mists.
Tiffany Ward sees herself as caretaker of her father's legacy and a stickler for detail. "It's my responsibility to see that the ideals of the family are carried on," said Ward, executive producer of "The Rocky & Bullwinkle Movie." "That the look and feel remain true to the spirit of my father's original characters is absolutely essential," Ward said. For instance, the animated/live action movie features June Foray--the original voice of Rocky.
The guy in the next cubicle over is making you crazy. Cracking stupid jokes. Swiping your phone book. And what's he crunching on over there? Fed up with the stress, you reach into the bottom desk drawer and grab your Razorbeast Blaster--it's pay-back time. OK, this is probably just a fantasy. But if you wanted to turn the Razorbeast on someone, at least you wouldn't go to jail. It's a Nerf.
April 22, 2013 | Times staff and wire reports
Richie Havens, the veteran folk singer whose frenetic guitar strumming and impassioned vocals made him one of the defining voices and faces of Woodstock and 1960s pop music, died Monday of a heart attack at his home in Jersey City, N.J. He was 72. His death was confirmed by his booking agent, Tim Drake. The Brooklyn native with the powerful ripsaw voice galvanized rock fans as the opening act at Woodstock, the festival billed as "Three Days of Peace and Music" in upstate New York in August 1969.
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