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July 20, 2009 | Emily Sohn
Allergies are on the rise, experts know. What they don't know is why. The most popular theory is the so-called hygiene hypothesis. It holds that our culture's addiction to cleanliness, antiseptics and antibiotics prevents our immune systems from developing the ability to ward off real infections. Our bodies then end up overreacting to things they should be ignoring.
June 25, 2012 | By David Zucchino
Sea levels in a 620-mile "hot spot" along the Atlantic coast are rising three to four times faster than the global average, according to a new study by theU.S. Geological Survey. The sharp rise in sea levels from North Carolina to Massachusetts could mean serious flooding and storm damage for major cities such as New York, Philadelphia and Boston, as well as threats to wetlands habitats, the study said. Since 1990, sea levels have risen 2 millimeters to 3.7 millimeters a year from Cape Hatteras, N.C., on the Outer Banks, to Boston, said the study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change.
November 21, 2009 | By Chris Kraul
The effect of climate change is anything but hypothetical to retired Colombian naval officer German Alfonso. Just ask him about the time his neighborhood in this historic coastal city became an island. For five years, Alfonso, 74, has watched tides rise higher and higher in the Boca Grande section of Cartagena. This month, tides briefly inundated the only mainland connection to his neighborhood, a converted sandbar where about 60 high-rise condo and hotel towers have been built in the last decade or so. "Before, people thought it a normal phenomenon.
February 8, 2012 | By Matt Stevens, Los Angeles Times
Romance doesn't come cheap - at least not on St. Valentine's Day. A dozen red roses usually cost about $60, according to the Society of American Florists. But with Valentine's Day coming next week, most people will pay about $80, the trade group said. And although restaurant prices don't change, people tend to eat at more upscale restaurants for those Valentine's dates. Romantic couples will spend an average of $146.52 on Valentine's dinner dates, according to restaurant ratings guide Zagat, compared with about $70 on a typical meal for two. "On Valentine's Day, budgets go out the window," Zagat spokeswoman Tiffany Herklots said.
January 2, 2013 | By Richard Verrier
DreamWorks Animation may end up losing nearly $100 million on its recent holiday release "Rise of the Guardians. " That's the sobering prediction of Lazard Capital Markets analyst Barton Crockett.  In a research note on Wednesday, Crockett said he expects the Glendale-based studio will take a $96 million write-down on "Rise of the Guardians," which has been a rare box office flop for DreamWorks. 'Rise of the Guardians,' which cost about $145 million to make, has generated $261 million in global box office ticket sales since its debut in late November, well below that of a typical DreamWorks Animation movie.  The movie -- about a group of folk heroes, including the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, who join forces to protect children from an evil nemesis -- has yet to open in New Zealand, Poland, Turkey and Japan.
June 24, 2012 | By Tony Barboza, Los Angeles Times
Sea levels along the California coast are expected to rise up to 1 foot in 20 years, 2 feet by 2050 and as much as 5 1/2 feet by the end of the century, climbing slightly more than the global average and increasing the risk of flooding and storm damage, a new study says. That's because much of California is sinking, extending the reach of a sea that is warming and expanding because of climate change, according to a report by a committee of scientists released Friday by the National Research Council.
July 15, 2012 | By Roger Vincent
A high-rise office building on Bunker Hill in downtown Los Angeles has been acquired by CBRE Global Investors, an affiliate of L.A. real estate brokerage CBRE Group Inc. CBRE Global bought 400 S. Hope St., a 26-story tower at the southeast corner of Hope and 4th streets. The price of the sale by New York investors Tishman Speyer and BlackRock Inc. was not disclosed, but downtown real estate experts familiar with the property valued it at $236 million. The 700,000-square-foot building was completed in 1982 to be the headquarters of law firm O'Melveny and Myers.
April 17, 2012 | By Hugo Martin
Spending by international visitors to the U.S. continued to rise in February, doubling the increase seen in the previous month. International visitors spent an estimated $13.3 billion on travel to the U.S. and on accommodations, food and other costs while in the country in February, a 14% increase compared with February 2011, according to the Department of Commerce. In January, foreign travelers spent $12.87 billion, a 7% increase from the same month in 2011, the agency said.
July 30, 2012 | By Ricardo Lopez
Corn prices rose Monday to record levels as the prolonged Midwest drought continued baking the nation's crops. Corn futures for September delivery rose almost 3% to $8.20 per bushel. And December corn rose to $8.13. Since the beginning of June, corn prices have risen more than 50%. The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Monday downgraded the condition of the country's corn crop for the eighth week in a row since the Midwest has been gripped by a searing drought. Now, only 24% of the country corn crop is in "good" or "excellent" condition -- that's down from 26% the week before.
September 24, 2012 | By David Lazarus
Use another bank's ATM and you could end up paying as much as $4 in fees. That latest outrage was featured on today's KTLA-TV Consumer Confidential segment, along with Discover agreeing to refund $200 million to its credit-card customers. In that latter case, federal authorities faulted the company for deceptive marketing. And our last item: A recall of peanut butter.  
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