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Road Repairs

March 23, 1994 | VIVIEN LOU CHEN
The third strong storm of the year is expected to arrive in the Southland on Thursday night, but it isn't likely to slow down efforts to repair quake-damaged roads or buildings. "Most of the work we're involved in currently involves demolition and heavy equipment," Caltrans spokesman Russell Snyder said Tuesday. "The rain shouldn't hinder that."
March 18, 2014 | By David Zahniser
One year after Los Angeles voters rejected a sales tax increase, the City Council is looking at trying again - this time by tying the money to the repair of the city's deteriorating network of streets. Two high-level City Hall policy advisors recommended Tuesday that lawmakers place a half-cent tax hike on the November ballot that would generate $4.5 billion over 15 years. The proceeds, they said, would pay to fix the most severely damaged roads and sidewalks. Passage of a tax could add momentum to Mayor Eric Garcetti's "back to basics" campaign, which focuses on upgrading basic services.
Dear Traffic Talk: For several weeks a southbound lane on Balboa Boulevard just north of Midwood Drive in Granada Hills has been closed night and day to all traffic. No signs announce what is being done there. And we do not know how long the work is going to last. To add to drivers' frustrations over this lengthy bottleneck, many days go by with no crews visible and no work being done.
September 5, 2013 | By Annlee Ellingson
In "TV Man: The Search for the Last Independent Dealer," director Steve Kosareff digs his old 12-inch black-and-white Zenith Jetlite out of his closet, dusts it off and turns it on. Nothing happens. He's clearly attached to the set - he sold Christmas cards to buy it for $100 when he was 14 - and sets out to find someone to repair it. This is a fair enough structure for this documentary in which a fan visits six of the few remaining mom-and-pop joints that sold and repaired televisions back in the day, although he's a bit disingenuous when his first step is to dial a 50-year-old phone number off an old flier.
December 23, 1993 | SCOTT GLOVER
Road repairs are slated to begin Monday on Mureau Road between Las Virgenes and Calabasas roads in Calabasas, a Los Angeles County Public Works Department representative said Wednesday. The work, which includes resurfacing the road as well as installation of a guardrail, will be performed under a $128,629 contract awarded to Berry General Engineering Contractors Inc., of Oxnard. Traffic lanes on Mureau and Round Meadow roads will be reduced during daytime work hours.
August 16, 1989 | GREG BRAXTON, Times Staff Writer
The Sepulveda Boulevard tunnel, one of the main links between the Los Angeles Basin and the San Fernando Valley, will be closed for up to six weeks starting Saturday because of road repairs, officials announced Tuesday. The closure is expected to cause traffic jams on suggested alternate routes such as the adjacent San Diego Freeway, Los Angeles officials said.
More than 100 people crowded into the City Council chambers this week, most to voice opposition to a proposed road repair fee that would cost the average homeowner on a public street about $130 a year. During about two hours of public testimony, a vast majority of the residents, many of them senior citizens, said they believed the proposed fee is inequitable because homeowners on private streets would pay less.
June 27, 1985 | LEO C. WOLINSKY and NANCY HEFFERNAN, Times Staff Writers
Abandoning hope for a major gas tax increase this session, the Senate on Wednesday approved a scaled-down plan that would set aside $125 million in offshore oil revenue to repair California's deteriorating streets and highways. The proposal, contained in legislation sent to the Assembly on a 34-1 vote, would break the state's long-held policy of financing major transportation improvements with gasoline taxes and user fees.
April 26, 2004 | Chris O'Connell, Special to The Times
Before the Army deploys troops to Iraq or Afghanistan, they are often sent to Ft. Irwin in the Mojave Desert to get combat-ready. And before traffic arrives on base, it rumbles down Ft. Irwin Road, past 42 white wooden crosses. The memorials are not for those who have paid the ultimate price in combat, but for the lives lost along the road since the early 1980s.
October 29, 1987
A gasoline tank truck plowed into the rear of slow-moving traffic, killing 12 people and injuring four south of Preston in northern England. Police said the tank truck, three other trucks, a minibus and two cars were involved. Firefighters used metal-cutting equipment to recover 12 bodies from the tangled wreckage. The tank truck driver and a family of three were hospitalized with unspecified injuries. Lancashire police said the crash occurred on an expressway near where a 30-m.p.h.
November 10, 2011 | By David Zahniser and Ari Bloomekatz, Los Angeles Times
Looking to end his tenure at City Hall with a burst of public works projects, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been quietly assembling a plan to borrow 27 years worth of tax revenue and spend it repairing nearly one-fourth of the city's streets. Villaraigosa, who leaves office in 2013, hopes to spend as much as $800 million on accelerated road repairs using proceeds from Measure R, a half-cent sales tax passed by county voters in 2008. The money could fix some 1,500 miles of streets within two to three years, mayoral aides said.
October 8, 2011 | By David Zucchino, Los Angeles Times
Six weeks after Hurricane Irene severed the only road to Hatteras Island, North Carolina's long struggle to reconnect the barrier island's 3,300 stranded residents to the mainland is almost over. The badly battered Highway 12 is finally due to reopen early this week. The reopening has required much more than just fixing a road. Highway 12, a slender ribbon of asphalt, is built on shifting sand. The island it serves refuses to stay in one place, buffeted by powerful tides and punishing storms.
May 24, 2008 | Jason Song
Both lanes of a heavily traveled route in Yosemite National Park reopened at noon Friday, in time for the Memorial Day weekend. A quarter-mile section of roadway on the western side of the park, near the junction of El Portal and Big Oak Flat roads, had been eroded by the nearby Merced River and was in danger of collapsing. Workers have been repairing the road since December, causing periodic shutdowns and traffic delays. Most of the work has now been completed. -- Jason Song
April 13, 2006 | Steve Hymon, Times Staff Writer
On the same day that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa proposed hiking the garbage fee to pay for more police, two Los Angeles councilmen called for a $1.5-billion bond measure to repave and repair 4,000 miles of city streets. The motion by Tony Cardenas and Greig Smith on Wednesday would put the bond measure before voters on the November ballot. If two-thirds of voters approve, it would raise property tax bills, on average, by $100 a year for 20 years.
June 26, 2005 | David Gram, Associated Press Writer
Warning to motorists this summer: Rough road ahead. From New England -- where the punishing winters leave roads rutted, cracked and riddled with potholes in the spring -- to the Deep South, repaving projects are being canceled or postponed because of the rising price of oil, which is used to make asphalt as well as diesel for dump trucks, steamrollers and other heavy equipment. Around Cabot, a seven-mile stretch of U.S.
March 18, 2005 | J. Michael Kennedy, Times Staff Writer
Kim Kelley is about to go broke because mudslides have come between her and her business, not to mention her mule, nine donkeys, two horses, 11 cats and three dogs. The slides have stranded U.S. Forest Service firetrucks, five cars and tons of heavy construction equipment that were at Chantry Flat in the San Gabriel Mountains when two major mudslides took out Big Santa Anita Canyon Road, north of Arcadia.
November 28, 1992 | BERT ELJERA
The City Council has approved road repairs for Cerritos Avenue, from Bloomfield Street to Lexington Drive and Denni Street, using city and federal funds. Sully-Miller Contracting Co., the lowest bidder among seven companies, will undertake the $158,000 road repair project, which is expected to start by early next year. The repairs will include resurfacing, adjusting manholes, replacing traffic loops, traffic striping and slurry sealing.
August 24, 2001
The California Department of Motor Vehicles prints drivers' handbooks in five languages, the written test in 31 ("DMV Tries to Remove Clients' Linguistic Roadblocks," Aug. 21). It even provides driving-test examiners' pamphlets that list key phrases and words in eight languages. And, if a crucial phrase is not in the pamphlet, they rely on gestures or even stopping the car to draw a picture to express an instruction. Why? Forgetting the extra expense involved, these activities are dangerous to other drivers.
January 30, 2005 | Steve Hymon, Times Staff Writer
The cost of repairing storm-damaged state highways in California has reached $85 million and is expected to climb, Caltrans officials said Saturday. The new figure comes before winter has reached its midpoint, with the possibility that more storms could further overwhelm roads across the state, particularly Interstate 5 north of Santa Clarita, which is open but threatened by an area prone to landslides.
January 25, 2005 | Catherine Saillant and Sharon Bernstein, Times Staff Writers
Reopening Southern California's storm-damaged roads already has cost the state more than $43 million, with final damage estimates expected to climb much higher, Caltrans officials said Monday. Local governments around the region are expecting to spend tens of millions of dollars of their own. Los Angeles County officials, for example, said Monday that, in unincorporated areas, the cost to repair damaged roads, some 40 of which remained closed, will come to about $38 million.
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