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September 14, 1986
A bargain of some sort has been struck that may serve to eliminate the case of American journalist Nicholas Daniloff as a roadblock on the path to a summit meeting between President Reagan and General Secretary Mikhail S. Gorbachev. Daniloff, who was framed by a Soviet acquaintance or the KGB or both, is out of a Moscow prison but not out of danger. Gennady F.
December 11, 2000
Private money is coming to play an increasingly prominent role in science research, making the independent-arbiter role of scientific journals more necessary than ever. Few organizations have championed the free exchange of ideas as consistently as the prestigious journal Science. Last week, however, editors at the journal disclosed a deal at odds with a healthy collaborative spirit.
June 16, 2009
What he gave with one hand, he took back with the other. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's acceptance of a Palestinian state this week was overdue and necessary, but it was weighted down by so many qualifications that it may have doomed negotiations before they could be revived.
June 17, 2002
"Palestinians in Gaza Have Roadblock Rage" (June 13) claims that "endless waits at checkpoints" have created "mass misery for Palestinians." This isn't mass misery. Mass misery is collecting children's body parts from a playground or supermarket. Mass misery is being stalked by teenage predators lusting for your nation's blood. It's a testament to the Israeli army's enlightened outlook that, after 21 months of Palestinian atrocities against Israelis, the media have no greater Israeli atrocities against Palestinians to report than long waits at checkpoints.
September 23, 1989 | DOUGLAS JEHL, Times Staff Writer
Less than half a mile of Intracoastal Waterway lies between the South Carolina mainland and its beachfront neighbors here, Sullivans Island and the Isle of Palms. But, in the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo on Friday, that gulf had come to seem enormous. Across the water lay the hint of disaster: Nowhere had the mighty storm struck with such devastating force. Up to 20 citizens who had defied orders and waited out the storm on the oceanfront could be in grave peril. No one knew their fate.
June 4, 2007 | From Times Wire Reports
Soldiers opened fire on a pickup truck that refused to stop at a roadblock in northern Mexico, killing two women and three children, local media reported. The Defense Ministry said it had no immediate information on the incident in Sinaloa state, home to many of the country's drug cartel leaders. State police did not immediately return calls seeking comment. The daily newspaper Reforma said the victims were members of two families traveling to a funeral near the Sinaloa-Chihuahua border.
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