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September 12, 2013 | By Brady MacDonald
Universal Studios Hollywood will be inundated with zombies as "The Walking Dead" takes over a haunted maze, a scare zone and the terror tram during Halloween Horror Nights 2013. Photos: Halloween Horror Nights 2013 at Universal Studios Hollywood I recently got a behind-the-scenes walk-through preview of "The Walking Dead" maze from Halloween Horror Nights creative director John Murdy and the hit AMC show's executive producer and makeup designer Greg Nicotero. After taking visitors through the zombie-infested streets of Atlanta last year, the all-new Walking Dead maze returns this year with scenes from the show's third season set in an abandoned prison and its rural Georgia surroundings.
July 17, 2013 | By Joel Rubin, Andrew Blankstein and Emily Alpert
At least 14 people were taken into custody Tuesday night and many more remained at large after marauding bands of young people conducted a string of robberies, assaults and acts of vandalism along Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles police said late Tuesday. The crimes did not appear to be related to the protests over the George Zimmerman acquittal in the slaying of Trayvon Martin. Incident commander Dennis Kato said police were inundated with phone calls beginning about 9 p.m., reporting that packs of young people were roaming along Hollywood and attacking people.
May 22, 2013 | By Joseph Serna
Neighborhood fences and police cars proved no match for a bear in Sun Valley, where it hopped into backyards and roamed into horse corrals Wednesday morning. “We still don't have eyes on it,” said Los Angeles police Sgt. Thomas Wunsch of the Foothill station. “Officers are going to hopefully tranquilize it.” Police started getting calls from residents about 6:10 a.m. about the bear, which TV news showed having free rein through the Sun Valley community. It didn't appear to be fully grown and was seen climbing over fences into backyards, spooking horses in residents' corrals and avoiding police cars searching for it on the street.
May 22, 2013 | By Joseph Serna
A bear that spent more than an hour Wednesday morning roaming through a Sun Valley neighborhood was tranquilized and captured and will be returned to the forest, authorities said. The approximately 15-month-old bear scaled walls, climbed fences and slipped in and out of horse corrals in Sun Valley, south of the 210 Freeway, for about 1½ hours beginning about 6 a.m. About half a dozen Los Angeles police officers and a state game warden eventually cornered the bear and tranquilized it. The bear will be released in the Angeles National Forest, said Andrew Hughan, a spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
May 14, 2013 | By Matt Pearce
The shocking parade shooting that brought New Orleans residents together has now turned some of its public officials against one another as the city confronts its longtime crime epidemic. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu told local judges to "wake up" Tuesday for letting Mother's Day parade shooting suspect Akein Scott roam free on bond at the time although he was facing a felony weapons charge in a different case. The shooting wounded 19 people, three of whom were still in critical condition.
April 28, 2013 | By Ellen Creager
You know the zombies that pop back to life even after you stab them with a pitchfork? It's the same with smartphones. That's the bitter lesson I learned after returning home from Greenland and getting a $1,106 bill from Sprint for international data roaming, even though data roaming on my iPhone 4S was turned off. How could this zombie data usage happen? And how can I find out if it's happening? Smartphones are the undead of phones. They keep looking for a way to connect to data, even when you don't want them to. Even when you think data service is turned off. The formula is: smartphone + international travel = watch out. I had a BlackBerry before my iPhone and never had a single data charge when traveling internationally.
April 3, 2013 | By Mary Forgione, Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger
Wild horses are a powerful symbol of the Old West, but you won't see them unless you know where to go. Thirty-five years ago Dianne Nelson started the Wild Horse Sanctuary on 5,000 acres in Shingletown, Calif., east of Redding. At the time, she had rescued 80 horses that had been rounded up and were about to be destroyed. Today, about 300 wild horses and burros call the sanctuary home. How wild are they? Some are descendants of the original herd; others have been rescued from Bureau of Land Management property and other areas, according to a spokesman.
March 9, 2013 | By Monte Morin
Considering that early camels once roamed the area of Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, it should come as little surprise that another ancestor of today's "ship of the desert" made its home in Canada's High Arctic. After all, camels originated in North America more than 45 million years ago and migrated to Eurasia over the Bearing land bridge, according to scientists. The droopy-faced beasts were no strangers to higher latitudes. But what has come as a surprise is the method Canadian and English scientists used to identify an assortment of small fossilized bone fragments on Ellesmere Island in the Nunavut territory.
February 4, 2013 | By Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times
ALPINE, Calif. - For an animal whose primary goals in life were simply getting something to eat and maybe taking a snooze up a tree, a black bear now known as Meatball has shown an uncanny ability to influence his world and the people in it. When he started boldly roaming the hilly neighborhoods of Glendale, La Crescenta and Montrose, homeowners were initially charmed but then increasingly alarmed. When wildlife officials hit him with tranquilizer darts and relocated him deeper into the woods, he thwarted their efforts by finding his way back to suburbia.
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