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October 10, 1987
The Toronto Blue Jays didn't lose the American League East championship by themselves. They had plenty of help from the Sports Illustrated jinx. I quote from the Oct. 5 cover, "Toronto takes off--Lloyd Moseby and the Jays roar past the Tigers." GEORGE GARDNER Los Angeles
June 26, 1988
Unexpected . . . a true variety show, and one that showcases exceptional new talent. Expected . . . cancellation of "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour." At age 15, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Twenty years later, I enjoyed it even more. I sincerely question the judgment of CBS' programming staff. Some series start with a meow and end with a roar! R. McGuire, Costa Mesa
October 7, 1989
It is so wonderful to know that there are still some writers and fans who remember (Baby Face) Jimmy McLarnin, who has not only set an example in the fight game but also in the quality of life after the roar of the crowd is over. CHUCK McMATH, Pico Rivera
November 7, 2008 | Susan King
Leo the Lion has had a makeover. The famed MGM logo feline has been digitally restored and given a new roar. The refurbished Leo will make his bow on the James Bond thriller "Quantum of Solace," which opens in the U.S. on Nov. 14. The famed logo was designed by Howard Dietz 92 years ago for the Goldwyn Pictures Corp. and first appeared on the 1917 romance "Polly of the Circus." Over the last nine decades, five different lions have been used as the logo. Slates, who was hired after the 1924 merger that created MGM, made his debut on the studio's first feature, 1924's "He Who Gets Slapped."
December 18, 1991
A standing ovation for Rick Rezinas and Jeff Riley for giving us a glimpse of Oxnard High's new emphasis on academics and the development of the true student-athlete ("Restoration Project Under Way at Oxnard," Nov. 7). It is unfortunate that, to many players, grades often become an end in themselves while learning takes a back seat to the roar of the crowd. Let us hope that other schools will follow the lead of this courageous principal so the public in Southern California can once again point with pride to the efforts of its educators.
February 18, 1987
Residents of Orange and Anaheim Hills, who lost a 1985 battle to kill plans for a six-lane freeway from Villa Park to Imperial Highway, are trying again to persuade Orange city officials to postpone construction of that freeway. A spokesman for the homeowners' group named ROAR (Residents Opposing Arterial Roads) said they will ask the City Council to halt the planning process of the Imperial Highway connection until the Eastern Freeway and an extension of Weir Canyon Road are completed.
August 13, 2008 | Kate Linthicum
John McCain's recent appearance in South Dakota at the Sturgis Rally, America's largest motorcycle convention, was by most accounts a roaring success. But Barack Obama's campaign isn't going to give up the biker vote without a fight. At Sturgis, McCain ridiculed Obama for drawing "hundreds of thousands" of people to an outdoor speech in Berlin. "I'll take the roar of 50,000 Harleys any day," he boasted, as dozens of cyclists revved their engines. Now, Obama is airing a new radio spot in Wisconsin -- the home of Harley-Davidson -- attacking McCain's quip.
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