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Robert Best

June 7, 1992 | Associated Press
* Shinji Sakai, a 30-year veteran of Toyota Motor Corp., will succeed Yuki Togo as president and chief executive of the firm's Torrance-based U.S. operations, the auto maker said. Togo, 67, will become chairman of Toyota Motor Sales USA. Yale Gieszl was named executive vice president, succeeding Bob McCurry, who was named vice chairman.
August 8, 1989
A handful of Calabasas residents sarcastically saluted five public officials Monday in a staged event they hope will help halt a Ventura Freeway project. Although none of the five officials were present for the "black hat awards" at the historic Leonis Adobe, members of the Coalition to Save Old Town Calabasas said they intended to hand-deliver the prizes--black cowboy hats and certificates issued for "profound indifference to the needs and desires of the citizens of Calabasas."
February 20, 1991 | United Press International
Many plants that shriveled up during the winter cold snap or the drought will not be replaced along the state's landscaped freeways because of the severe water shortage, the California Department of Transportation said Tuesday. The action is one of several steps announced by Caltrans to reduce the amount of water used by the agency during the state's fifth year of drought.
October 14, 1997
Thank you so much for the wonderful summer reading provided by Bob Sipchen on the American family. I loved the stories about the people they met along the road, the places they visited and the insight into their own family challenges. The Sipchens' journey provided moments of joy, laughter, tears and nudges to my husband to "read this story" or 'wouldn't this be fun to do with our kids when they get older?" To Bob, Pam, Ashley, Emily and Robert: Best wishes and many thanks for sharing your journey.
March 25, 2005 | Robert W. Welkos, Times Staff Writer
For HIRE: diminutive, silver-haired, 71-year-old television and movie actor. Known as a perfectionist and loner. Skilled at playing tough guys. Cops his specialty. Please, no villain roles at this time. After six decades as a Hollywood actor, Robert Blake, best known as the Emmy-winning 1970s television detective Baretta, would like to get back to work. "I'm broke," he told a news conference last week shortly after a jury acquitted him of killing his wife, Bonny Lee Bakley. "I need a job."
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